Funnel Optimizer

Conversations on your website are like tiny targeted funnels. Funnel Optimizer makes it easy to switch your conversations into turbo mode.

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Easy to use, simple to understand

Identify what’s working in your conversations and what isn’t. The information you need for creating better dialogue between you and your customers – all in one view.

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Chat about the things that matter

Funnel Optimizer lets you make data-informed improvements to bot conversations.


Lower drop-off rate

Found a question where the majority of visitors drops off? Modify the wording or change the order and keep people chatting longer.


Higher conversion rate

Make sure they reach the end. The more engagement you can create during a conversation, the more likely the visitor is to convert.


Valuable conversations

Which questions activate visitors most effectively? Find out and max the value of the conversation to you and the customer.

Make the most of your conversations

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Create better engagement by going data-driven

Leadoo Analytics gives you the keys to marketing & sales success. Identify customer needs, optimize conversation flows and make better decisions informed by data from each interaction.

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They already know

Funnel Optimizer is an essential part of the platform.

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