Identify the hottest leads and close more deals

The home of your prospect data

Leadoo Smart Profiles collects valuable data about your website visitors in one place. Identify the hottest leads and close deals more effectively by knowing who’s on the other side.


Create a unique profile for your website visitors. Discover users’ interests, click history, visited pages, and online interactions.


Visitor Identification

Adapt your approach by seeing which companies visit your site. Improve your hit rate by providing a targeted offering.



Store your customer data, manage leads and keep your sales pipeline flowing with a built-in CRM.


Turn anonymous traffic into opportunities

Smart Profiles collect all website visitor data in one place and make it accessible and actionable.

Know who’s browsing and trace back every interaction with your brand. A Smart Profile is created for every new visitor, and the user’s actions are stored in the same profile.

Enrich with user-level data

Information about visited pages, bot conversations and other online interactions are enriched with user data to give you better access to your customers and their needs.

Smart Profiles help you identify leads earlier and nurture them throughout the buyer’s journey. This makes you better prepared to close the deal when the time is right.

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