What is ChatBot?

For how long would you wait to get answers on a website? That’s right. The “traditional” corner chat is still one of the most effective conversational tools you can have.

A ChatBot is always available, handling frequently asked questions, customer service and lead generation for you 24/7. With ChatBot, you can make sure all website visitors are cared for in an instant.

chatbot What is ChatBot

Look, here’s one below in the corner!

About Leadoo

Leadoo converts more leads from your website visitors. Activate potential customers, collect their information, and turn traffic into sales.


Leadoo is fully GDPR compliant. In addition to complying with the regulation ourselves, it is important for us to help our customers with their compliance efforts. 


VisualBot activates passive website visitors on another level with a set of visually appealing interactive elements.


CallbackBot allows you to generate leads in an instant. Contact with a prospect is just one click away.


InpageBot is the most effective tool for activating website visitors at the right time and right place.

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