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Leadoo Ads is a new way to re-target users based on hundreds of data points. Where commonly re-targeting is used to target people that have visited a specific page – Leadoo Ads lets you re-target based on the users answers to bot questions, their company’s turnover and industry, previous marketing campaigns success and more. As the only re-targeting platform in the world it also lets you target based on others behavior within the same company. All thanks to Leadoo’s reverse-IP address company forensics. Works through Google Tag Manager with your favorite advertising platform (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc.)

Activate with interactive ads

Leadoo Ads lets you engage website visitors without them ever leaving the advertising site. The banners are interactive and can talk. Build ads that help the user, collect more data and finally identify a lead.

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User-friendly ad builder

Building ads is as easy as ever. Select a background, add an image & text, drag n drop a bot and you’re done. Just download in pure HTML5, Adsense, Adform or Google Ads format.

The platform for conversion advertising

Leadoo Ads is a full platform for selecting the audience to go after, building your ads, retargeting and analysis. Just hook it up with your Google Tag Manager and you’re ready to go.

Combined with our Customer Success team that has helped 700+ customers generate more leads, you’ll get started in less than a day.

IAB & GDPR compliant

Leadoo Ads is 100% GDPR compliant through IAB’s TCFv2 compliance.

Track users with consent and 100% transparency.

Leadoo Ads is ready for prime time, but we’re rolling it out in steps ⤵️

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