Make better decisions backed up with the right data

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Leadoo Analytics empowers you to make data-driven decisions. Identify customer needs, optimize conversation flows and achieve better results.

Conversation Analytics

Reveal accurate information about your customers’ needs. See what's working and adjust based on valuable insights.


Corporate Analytics

See which companies visit your site and visualize their journey through all your website touchpoints.


User Behavior Analytics

Optimize your journey based on data. Discover all your user’ interests, click history, visited pages, and online interactions.


The sweet smell of data

Data is everywhere. The important part is how you use it. What separates high-performing companies from others is their ability to make data accessible and draw powerful insights from it.

Leadoo Analytics brings together all your relevant data. Optimize your website, increase online sales and improve marketing activities. You can even use the data to drive productisation and positioning. Leadoo Analytics is highly visual and easy to use.

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