Conversation Analytics

Conversation Analytics reveal a lot of valuable information about your customers’ needs. This feature tells you what’s working and how you can modify conversations to get better results.

Chat about the things that matter

Conversation Analytics lets you make data-informed improvements to bot conversations.

Lower drop-off rate

Found a question where the majority of visitors drops off? Modify the wording or change the order and keep people chatting longer.

Check drop-off rate in Conversation analytics
Leadoo conversation analytics interface

Higher conversion rate

Make sure they reach the end. The more engagement you can create during a conversation, the more likely the visitor is to convert.

Valuable conversations

Which questions activate visitors most effectively? Find out and max the value of the conversation to you and the customer.

Set conversion rate in Conversation analytics

Analyze conversations and optimize quickly

With our state of the art Conversational Analytics tools you can easily identify which parts of your conversations work and which don’t.

Optimising conversations is a vital part of chatbots and it’s an ongoing process. Thorough, precise and visual analytics help you to optimise quickly.

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The sweet smell of data

Conversation Analytics is a source of invaluable data for Leadoo customers.

Know what matters to your audience

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