Multiply Your Leads with the Price Calculator Bot

Multiply Your Leads with the Price Calculator Bot

April 24, 2023

universum Multiply Your Leads with the Price Calculator Bot“Do you have a price for your product?”

As Auction House Emperor puts it, I dare say that the price of a product or service almost always interests potential buyers. Although the final buying process can be slightly more complex for an individual, price is one of the factors influencing the purchasing decision.

Leadoo’s bots offer various solutions for websites, depending on the customer’s goals or website problem areas. They work for customer service, recruitment, and lead generation – you name it.

When building bots, it’s essential to recognize customer behavior patterns on websites and provide answers to frequently asked questions. Kristiina Suomalainen, a content creator at Leadoo Marketing Technologies, has noticed a trend related to website behavior:

“Questions about pricing have received a significant number of clicks from potential customers in the bots on websites. Often, price information is not readily available on the website, or it is difficult to find. That doesn’t really serve the customer.”

Clear pricing creates concreteness for the customer about what they are getting and at what price. It can even act as a competitive factor and help the customer compare different options more quickly. However, transparent and clear pricing is not always possible if the price is influenced by the sum of various factors. This is where Leadoo’s VisualBots or calculator functionality can provide a solution.

Price Calculator as the Most Enticing Element on Websites
Currently, price calculators have been created for Leadoo MT’s customers, for example, in the construction, renovation, and cleaning industries’ websites. It is clear, though, that a price calculator does not add the same value to all industries. Industries that can provide concrete examples of product or service prices work best with price calculators.

“Sometimes customers might be a bit hesitant to discuss prices, so you have to justify why a price calculator is a very effective element on websites for certain industries,” Kristiina explains.

Although the primary purpose of the price calculator is to offer the customer a price estimate for a product or service, it’s also excellent for lead generation:

“It works really well for lead generation, as the customer easily gets hooked on clicking options and often provides their contact information afterward.”

There are two different methods used to build price calculator bots. In the first method, a price estimate is given after the customer has provided their contact information. This allows for a more personal approach to the customer, either by phone or email, and the conversation can easily continue even after providing the price estimate.

In the second method, the bot offers the customer a price estimate directly after the conversation and then asks for contact information or suggests, for example, booking an appointment. This option allows for a quick price estimate, and the customer can decide immediately whether to continue with the buying process.

Kristiina from Leadoo MT is an experienced creator of price calculators and says that a good and enticing price calculator consists of simple questions, clarity, and the use of images. It’s best to avoid open text fields, as predefined options keep the process quick and easy. A price calculator can be made into a visual element that will undoubtedly not go unnoticed on the website.

Visual Price Calculator Clarifies Options
Price calculators can be created, for example, in the form of a VisualBot or InpageBot. Don’t worry if these terms are unfamiliar to you. The following bot shows what VisualBot-created price calculators have looked like on our customers’ websites.

Quick and Easy Conversation for Immediate Price Estimate
The next price calculator is built in the form of an InpageBot, which visually resembles a more conversational bot. However, InpageBots can also display illustrative images, as shown in the examples above.

In the example below, the calculator function is utilized, which shows the price estimate

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