Why are we always so focused on traffic?
February 7, 2024

Why are we always so focused on traffic?

As marketers, we’re bombarded with advice and proposals for acquiring more website traffic.  A quick skim through a marketer’s LinkedIn feed is likely to include everything from the latest tips for ranking highly in Google,… Continue Reading

Introducing Leadoo 3.0
January 5, 2024

Introducing Leadoo 3.0

Leadoo 3.0 is here in time for the new year, bringing with it a tonne of changes. You might’ve noticed some of the more obvious things already (like the overhaul of our dashboard for instance…… Continue Reading

How to Create Simple Buying Journeys Online for Complex Products
November 22, 2023

How To Create Simple Online Buying Journeys… Even if Your Offering Is Complex

Among specialist or technical B2B companies, you often hear a common sentiment when it comes to websites. Our products or services are so complex that it's impossible to explain them simply online… It is true… Continue Reading

8 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Contact Forms
October 9, 2023

8 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Traditional Contact Forms

Ah, yes. The good old contact form. They’ve been around for decades, coming in all different shapes & sizes.  Unfortunately, for many websites, the journey set out for site traffic to convert to a tangible… Continue Reading

Leadoo ROI Calculator
September 15, 2023

Conversion Rate & ROI Calculator

What is a Conversion Rate & ROI Calculator for? A conversion rate calculator is typically used to determine the effectiveness of a website, landing page or campaign by telling you the rate at which users… Continue Reading

Leadoo New Feature Single Sign-On SSO
September 4, 2023

New Product Feature: Single Sign On (SSO) Login

We’re proud to announce a new feature addition to Leadoo’s Conversion Platform, Single Sign-On (otherwise known as SSO.) What is SSO? Before we introduced Single Sign-On, users could only access Leadoo using their username &… Continue Reading

Busting 5 Conversion and CRO Myths
August 18, 2023

Busting 5 Conversion and CRO Myths

Busting 5 CRO & Conversion Myths As marketers, we often find ourselves researching best practices when trying to achieve an end goal. And when it comes to conversions - our ultimate goal for traffic on… Continue Reading