Bot park

Discover everything you can do with Leadoo bots and the functionalities they have!


Learn about all the dynamic possibilities you have with InpageBots.


InpageBot with video embedding.

Videos are an easy way to bring more life to your bots and engage with your visitors on another level. You can bring forth important information, presentations and the latest video content you’ve created.

InpageBot with calculator

Our calculators lets you do much more than numbers. Calculate quotes, generate product suggestions or even score how hot your lead is.


InpageBot with attachments

Get everything you need in one place. Attachments enable you to collect important information from your leads in one place such as candidate CVs, reports etc.

InpageBot with pictures in the options.

Pictures help to present things that would be probably hard to explain in words – as they say, pictures say more than a thousand words.