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Chatbots are available to serve your customers whenever needed

Connects With Livechat

Best of both worlds! Leadoos chatbots can be run by bots or humans or on a combined solution

Highly Personalised

Tailored to ask questions related to the content the user is reading
What makes Chatbot so powerful?

Chatbots are typically used to meet customer needs quickly. People are super busy and impatient so you’ll need to make sure that customers find answers quickly or otherwise you will lose them.

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Leadoos ChatBot is a chat with a twist. This feature is perfect for customer support and in guiding your visitors in the right direction.

Leadoos ChatBot can be run by a human, a bot or as a hybrid model where for example a bot starts the conversation and a human jumps in if the bot can’t answer the questions.

Fully personalised

by content

Content-specific bots work the best. Leadoo ensures that every ChatBot is designed to answer to visitors needs.

Leadoo provides the same personal and intuitive experience as if a visitor had talked to a real person. Actually visitors don’t care whether they are being helped by a human or a bot – as long as they get the help they need!

Easy to setup

and manage.

Show your gorgeous projects using our portfolio, which includes different styles like: gride, masonry. Masonry layout allows displaying projects as a fancy column-based. Grid is a perfect solution in case you need to display projects in columns.

Improve your customer support with Chatbot

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