Chatbots are typically used to meet customer needs quickly. People are super busy and impatient so we need to make sure that customers find the answers quickly or otherwise we will lose them. Although the chat bot does not compare to human-provided customer service, it is a much more cost-effective alternative that also serves around the clock.

Customized By Content

We believe in content-specific bots that focus on helping the customer. We strive to ensure that every ChatBot is designed to answer to customers needs.

Our goal is that every potential customer who has dealt with our bots will have the same personal and intuitive experience as if they had talked to a real person. Actually visitors don’t care whether they are being helped by a human or a bot – as long as they get the help they need!

Content Specific Triggering Rules

You can easily choose when the chat should pop up – or maybe it won’t pop up at all and you let the visitor to open it? When and how the chat opens is totally up to you.

With Leadoo you can define how and when you want the ChatBots to start a conversation with the visitor. You can configure a ChatBot to launch, for example, according to the time spent on a site or to trigger a specific page at a particular browsing stage, for example, when a visitor scrolls through the page.

Fully Customizable Look

Our ChatBot allows you to customize your business. You can change your wallpapers, colors, fonts and images. We want the ChatBot to be part of your site and not look like an outsourced service.