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Settings, Styles & Trigger rules (Chatbot & Inpagebot)

January 12, 2022
Bot settings video preview Settings, Styles & Trigger rules (Chatbot & Inpagebot)

How to find bot settings

You can find the bot settings from either the bot listing or when you are in the editor.

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Updating bot name and picture

You can update the name and picture for each bot on the general tab. ⭐️ Remember to choose square pictures to avoid squashed or stretched faces!

If you’re updating a chatbot you might need to update the trigger style too. Keep reading to find out how to do this. 

Lead criteria & notifiers

We recommend using OR and ticking Email and Phone. This means that if a visitor submits either their email or phone number the bot will capture the lead.

You can define who you want to receive lead notifications in each bot. You can add as many notifiers here as you wish, just click + and select the user from the list.

⭐️ TIP – You can define who gets what leads by using labels. E.g. all quote requests go to John and all support requests go to Sue.

Find out how to add labels here.

Sending leads to different email addresses based on labels

If you need to send leads based on their type e.g. sales, marketing or recruitment but some users need to receive leads under multiple labels; this is how you do it.

  1. Add the email address for the lead notifier or select from the drop-down list
  2. Click the label dropdown list
  3. Select the label for the lead type you want that email address to receive

Note – You’ll see all your added labels whether they have been used in the bot or not.

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Chatbot & Inpage styles

Chatbot and Inpage bots share the same styling options. You can edit different bot colours to match your company’s branding.

You can either use pre-made styling or build styling for each bot.

You can change settings such as:

  • Font style and size
    • If you want to add custom fonts to your account, please contact your Customer Success Manager and they’ll assist you with adding it.
  • Background color or image
  • Widget color
  • Title color
  • Bot info text & background color
  • Answer text & background color
  • Message shadow & color
  • Outer glow – yes/no
  • Round or sharp border
  • Message speed – slow, medium or fast

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Chatbot trigger icon style

Leadoo has 6 different chatbot window styles as well as the ability to customize the chat icon, image and text banners.* Find this via the triggers tab.

Screen Shot 2024 01 12 at 17.21.47 pm Settings, Styles & Trigger rules (Chatbot & Inpagebot)

  1. Simple icon
  2. Icon with temporary image and message
  3. Image/GIF button
  4. Simple text button
  5. Infobubble with image
  6. infobubble with image and answer choice (only use if the first node is a single choice)

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Chatbot trigger settings

You can define the way the chatbot window opens up:

  • The time it takes to trigger (pop-up)
  • Trigger by scroll % e.g. 25% down the page

Trigger settings can be used together or, leave blank if you don’t want the chatbot to pop up.

*Note that you can have separate chat window styles and trigger rules for desktop and mobile devices.

URL Trigger rules for chatbot

This is where you define where a chatbot should appear on your website.

You can define which pages it should and should not appear on by adding a set of rules.

URL trigger rules
leadoo.com/ = the chat triggers only on the front page of leadoo.com
leadoo.com/* = the chat triggers globally on each page of leadoo.com domain
leadoo.com/*/* = the bot appears on every page of the website except the front page
leadoo.com/*product* = the bot appears on the subpage defined within ** as well as all pages under that subpage
*leadoo.com/* = the bot appears on every page on the website domain, as well as its each subdomain, such as app.aleadoo.com/

Always when URL includes
URL contains: blog = the chat triggers on each page of the domain where the URL contains the keyword blog (like leadoo.com/blog/increase-conversion AND leadoo.com/blog/5-chatbot-benefits, etc.)

Forbidden when URL includes
URL doesn’t contain: sign-up = the chat triggers on all leadoo.com landing pages, except any URL that contains the keyword sign-up, like leadoo.com/sign-up.

Note! There is no need to add https:// to URLs. You can add the asterisks in front of your URL definitions to make the triggering more bullet-proof (e.g. *leadoo.com/)

With Inpagebot you can define the way the bot triggers.

There are 3 default ways to trigger an Inpagebot:

  1. By scroll
  2. By button – Trigger button styling can be edited once this trigger option has been selected
  3. By page load


Contact your Customer Success Manager at Leadoo at [email protected]

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