Setting up an integration to Google Universal Analytics using templates

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Setting up an integration to Google Universal Analytics using templates

February 21, 2023

Leadoo is fully integrated to Google Tag Manager, meaning that custom events can be triggered for every interaction any visitor does with Leadoo chatbots. Here’s how to implement Google Tag Manager to work with Leadoo.

1. Add your Google Tag Manager container ID to your Leadoo admin panel

You can find your GTM container ID after logging in to Tag Manager. Copy your GTM container ID.

After that log in to app.leadoo.com/sign-in

Go to Conversion Kit -> General bot settings -> Advanced

Add your GTM container ID to the Google Tag Manager Code field
*In most cases you can leave GTM data layer property field empty.

After this has been set your bots will start sending events.

2. Open Google Tag Manager

Click Admin

On the right hand side open Import Container

You can download the correct file from here.

Click Choose container file

Add Leadoo-GA-GTM-Template.json file

Choose existing workplace

After this choose an import option. You can merge conflicting tags, triggers and variables

Submit new tags, triggers, variables and templates

Go to Tags -> Add your Universal Analytics variable to the tags you’ve just created -> publish changes

You’ve now connected Leadoo to your Google Universal Analytics

If you need any help setting up the integration you can contact [email protected]

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