What is Company identification & Prospector?

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What is Company identification & Prospector?

January 13, 2023

What is Company Identification & Prospector?

Leadoo’s Company Identification enables you to see which companies visit your website. You’ll also see company information such as annual revenue, industry category, and more. You can view all the interactions, conversations, and conversion points visitors have on your website.

Prospector brings you the contact details for possible decision-makers straight to the profile so your sales team can pick up the phone with that warm prospect straight away.

Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide on what you’ll see in the Company Identification section along with sample customer journeys.

company identification and prospector vid leadoo company identification tracking What is Company identification & Prospector?

How to get the most from Leadoo’s Company Identification


Your sales team can make the most out of cold outreach by using Company ID to help them target engaged customers. They can see who is visiting the website as well as which pages they’ve visited and conversations they’ve had.

So, not only can they prioritise customers who already have shown intent but also talk to them about relevant interests based on their activity.

Need a little help with some contact information? Even if a visitor hasn’t converted yet we can help by providing contact details for decision-makers who you can reach out to. Talk to your CS manager about how Leadoo Prospector to find out more. Don’t worry it’s all GDPR compliant! 

You can also look at the prospects that are most relevant to you using filters such as HQ country, the page they are visiting, company revenue and more.


Already chatting with someone from ACME inc. about a deal? Your sales team can identify when they’ve been active on the website and reach out at a time they know they’re most engaged.

Want to know about existing prospect activity automatically? Check out Leadoo Sales Alerts here.

Understand your audience

Help your marketing team get rich insight into their customers from real insights instead of simply guessing what kind of dog Rob owns (personas anyone?).

Use filters to find your ideal customer profile and drill down into individual conversations through visitor analytics whether they have converted or not in Visitor Tracking.

If you need help getting the most out of company ID, reach out to your CS Manager who will be happy to help.

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