What problems do chatbots solve?

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What problems do chatbots solve?

January 15, 2023
What problems do chatbots solve what are chatbots used for What problems do chatbots solve?

Chatbots can basically solve any issues a customer or prospect may have. Previously chatbots have been used exclusively in this way for customer support. However, now the focus is shifting more and more to lead identification, activation and conversion. 

From a marketing perspective, Chatbots take all the hard work you’ve done with your inbound marketing campaigns and make sure that every prospect that visits your site is activated and engaged. This means that you are maximising the potential opportunities present in every visitor to your site. 

A chatbot can do any of the following:

  • Guide a visitor to the right place on your site
  • Identify the best product or service for their needs
  • Gather contact information for sales and retargeting
  • Gather data about customer interests and behaviour
  • Qualify them as MLQ or SQL and link them up to a sales rep
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