What are chatbots used for?

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What are chatbots used for?

January 16, 2023
What are chatbots used for what are chatbots used for What are chatbots used for?

There are quite many answers to this question because in a way they can be used for anything – your imagination is the only limitation. However, traditionally speaking, chatbots have been a way to automate some of the basic FAQ’s that your customer service teams regularly deal with. For example, they could start to deal with some of your website visitor’s questions so your customer support staff didn’t get overwhelmed. 

Once chatbots started to incorporate the design of conversational flows like this, the concept of conversational marketing was born. Now chatbots can activate and lead visitors to answers that make them more interested in your company’s products and services. Aside from the customer service functionality, classic use cases for chatbots include recruitment and eCommerce shopping. 

Nowadays, chatbots are useful for anything, helping your visitors to navigate around your site and to identify exactly where they are on the customer journey.

Here’s a really useful resource you could check out to learn more about chatbots, what they’re used for and what problems they solve:

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