Corporate Analytics

By using the power of Smart Profiles, we are able to identify your visitors data by prospect companies. Every time a new company will visit your website, a new company profile will be created and Corporate Analytics will start gathering all data points.

Sales prospecting made easier

See which companies visit your site and visualize their journey through all your website touchpoints. Make better decisions and prioritise your sales outreach based on enriched data.

Focus on the hottest leads 

Corporate Analytics lets you focus on your hot leads by enriching data for each prospect companies

What kind of companies visit your site?

You should know which companies check out your website to make sure you are attracting the right audience. Instantly identify companies, gain the competitive edge and never miss a sales opportunity again.

Investigate decision making processes

Companies decision making processes are complex which makes it highly valuable to inspect how many decision makers from your prospect companies have visited your website and what actions have they done.

What makes some companies convert?

If you know why some visitors convert and others don’t you are able to optimise your website accordingly. Monitoring buyers journeys is really valuable insight in making your sales and marketing efforts count.


Lower drop-off rate

Found a question where the majority of visitors drops off? Modify the wording or change the order and keep people chatting longer.


Higher conversion rate

Make sure they reach the end. The more engagement you can create during a conversation, the more likely the visitor is to convert.


Valuable conversations

Which questions activate visitors most effectively? Find out and max the value of the conversation to you and the customer.

Turn anonymous traffic into opportunities

Create better engagement by going data-driven

Leadoo Analytics gives you the keys to marketing & sales success. Identify customer needs, optimize conversation flows and make better decisions informed by data from each interaction. Read the article

The sweet smell of data

Conversation Analytics is a source of invaluable data for Leadoo customers.

Start converting now

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