+100% More Leads with 25% Closing Rate

+100% More Leads with 25% Closing Rate

100% More Leads with 25% Closing Rate

This moving company doubled their lead count and has experienced significant savings in advertising expenditure.


Moving & relocation

This time, we had a chat with Mika Sormunen from Muuttotalo

Muuttotalo handles all kinds of moving from individual items to big company relocations and international moves. Since the first days of the business in 2012, the core focus has been on quality service, versatility and reasonable pricing.


Before the introduction of Leadoo’s service, Muuttotalo had had time to experiment with numerous marketing and advertising tools – often with modest results. Demand was pointing down, so a new solution was needed to reach out to customers looking for a relocation service. Initially, Mika had his doubts, but the choice to try Leadoo-bots soon proved to be the right one.


The starting point for the solution was the realization that the site (helsinkimuutto.fi) does not necessarily need more traffic, but rather the incoming visitors need to be activated more effectively.

For this purpose, we together implemented InpageBots on the website to address the visitors in the right place and at the right time. The customer can now for example easily calculate the price of the moving service they need, which helps decisively in making the buying decision.

“Customizability of the bots helps grab visitors’ attention and engage in a dialogue with them. With no physical ‘store’, the website must be the store that serves customers. Now there is always someone ready to help on our site and customers have given us great feedback about that.”

“Before using Leadoo, we got around 30 leads per month through our contact form. Just over 2 months after going live with the bots, we have already collected 130 qualified leads – 25% of which have turned into a sale!”


Since the introduction of Leadoo-bots, the number of contacts has increased significantly, and this is also directly reflected in sales growth.

• 130 qualified leads in 2 months

• More than 2X the amount of leads compared to before

• 25% closing rate from lead to customer

• Significant savings in advertising expenditure

“As the number of enquiries has more than doubled, we have been able to reduce the amount of advertising. Leadoo-bots have brought significant savings in marketing costs while increasing our sales.”


“From the start, it was important for me to learn how to build, modify, and interpret the results of bots, so the smooth onboarding was a very valuable experience. After the start we have optimized the bots and I have received confirmation that the bots have worked even better than expected.”

“I recommend Leadoo MT to small businesses, whose website plays an important role in sales. The bots activate visitors very effectively, which increases the number of contacts and brings sales. Who wouldn’t want that?”

Mika Sormunen, CEO at Muuttotalo

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