Doubled Leads and Increased Efficiency in Staffing
RTK henkilöstöpalvelu

Doubled Leads and Increased Efficiency in Staffing

Rtk Doubled Leads And Increased Efficiency In Staffing

This recruiting company boosts their lead generation and fills open positions more efficiently with Leadoo.


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Chatting experiences with Hannu Juvonen from RTK Personnel Service

RTK Personnel Service is boldly renewing working life by creating new opportunities for professionals to get enthusiastic about their job. The company provides flexible employment options at every stage of a person’s life. For companies, RTK Personnel Service provides a wide range of services, including talent acquisition and other HR solutions that support organizational development and create talent-driven growth.


Digitalisation is widely reshaping consumer habits. This puts pressure on personnel companies to provide services that easily support job search and changing staffing needs of businesses, anytime and anywhere. RTK Personnel Service wanted to make its HR services and the open roles it offers throughout Finland easily accessible and flexible so that people and companies can make their big choices when it suits them best.


Leadoo’s platform was chosen as the solution that enabled RTK Personnel Service to meet their customers’ increased expectations by streamlining their interaction with them. Thanks to the broad customizability of the bots, Leadoo is suited to a wide range of applications and different target groups – exactly what RTK needed.

Instead of exposing job seekers to exhausting application forms, RTK Personnel Service wanted to lower the threshold for contact and job search across all touchpoints. The website (www.rtkhenkilostopalvelu.fi) is a prime example of how to use different types of Leadoo bots for different purposes. The site makes extensive use of InpageBot and ChatBot to guide people to the right content and to make it easy for them to get in touch.

“Bots make it is easy for the visitors to communicate their needs. As we then react to the contacts within a few minutes, we already know what the visitor needs and how to help them. This improves the quality of interaction and our service.”

“Leadoo is a fast and flexible way to offer help and service to website visitors. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to have a better interaction with their customers.” 


The number of received applications has increased significantly with Leadoo. Every month, hundreds of people from all over Finland apply for open job opportunities offered by RTK Personnel Service. Since the introduction of Leadoo, the number of applications has multiplied and the company has been praised by jobseekers for facilitating an easy application process. At the same time, RTK Personnel Service has received very positive feedback from its corporate customers on the speed and quality of their service.

“The number of new sales leads has more than doubled. People get excited about our quick response and about our ability to serve the customer in the best possible way. This positive experience is reflected in the results we get with Leadoo.”

The Leadoo platform has also proven valuable in the customer service of employees and applicants in general. People come up with questions about many different things during their employment. Although the goal of the RTK Personnel Service is always face-to-face meetings, Leadoo facilitates a new survey channel and partly automated responses.

“Our number of monthly new sales leads has more than doubled.”


From the customer’s point of view, Leadoo’s onboarding and setup were successful:

“We had great support from the Leadoo team, but the deployment also gave us a chance to study the bots and their placement ourselves. We wanted the bots as soon as possible, so the team’s swift responses were very valuable in the beginning.”

Cooperation with Leadoo has supported the objectives of RTK Personnel Service:

“There’s a lot going on in the human resources industry at any given moment, so we can’t stop for any second. Each year, we provide fully customized services to approximately 400 of our clients across a broad spectrum of industries, and we expect great service also from our partners. Leadoo has met our expectations with its platform versatility and fast, expert service.”

Hannu Juvonen, Head of Marketing at RTK Personnel Service

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