Chatbots simplify product choice and improve website interactions
Matrix Works

Chatbots simplify product choice and improve website interactions

Chatbots simplify product choice and improve website interactions

MatrixWorks found big improvements to online customer interactions from automated chatbots.


AV-technology, B2B

MatrixWorks is a European vendor of professional AV-solutions, including high-end display systems and projector technology. They offer state-of-the-art products for demanding business customers, and are for example the sole European representative of GeoBox by VNS Inc.


As usual in high tech, the possibilities of MatrixWorks’ offering can be difficult to grasp from a static website. What complicates things even more is that the AV-technology is always part of a bigger project, so customers need substantial amounts of information before they can make a purchase.

To tackle these challenges, Virginia Cheng from MatrixWorks was looking for tools to help customers understand the products and to improve the quality of interaction on the website.


The contact from Leadoo MT came at the right time, and Virginia was convinced that Leadoo Bots would help improve her online performance. Leadoo Bots presented an effective way of delivering just the right information in the right moment.

MatrixWorks first increased interactions on the website with the InpageBot and the CallbackBot. Since the beginning, we have extended the use of these features and added a global ChatBot on the website, too.

“I didn’t expect to get more than the different chatbots, so discovering all the valuable data in Leadoo’s dashboard and Smart Profiles was a really positive surprise. This data helps me understand who the visitors are and what they are interested in.”


In the past customers would leave the website too easily, as they didn’t get the information or help they needed. Now MatrixWorks is well prepared to interact with customers and understand their needs better, which has direct implications on sales and customer experience.

  • More proper sales leads from the website

  • Increased ability to serve customers according to their project needs

  • Better understanding of customer base and the market

  • Increased ability to close deals remotely and with completely new customers

Getting customers usually requires close collaboration with known contacts. Leadoo has allowed MatrixWorks to reach customers from completely new markets. At the same time, data from Leadoo helps connect the dots with other distribution partners and get repeat sales.


“Abbie from Leadoo MT has helped optimize the chatbots for improved performance, with immediate effects. I’ve also used the Leadoo platform myself, and found it easy and intuitive.”

“Overall, my experience of the product and Leadoo MT’s service is really good. Leadoo has added valuable interactions to the website, and the team is always ready to help. I really feel that my success is important to Leadoo MT.”

Virginia Cheng, Founder at MatrixWorks

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