500k€ Sales for Heating Company in 4 Months

500k€ Sales for Heating Company in 4 Months

Lampo 500k€ Sales For Heating Company In 4 Months

This Finnish heating appliances company achieved a whopping €500,000 in sales with Leadoo in just 4 months.



We had a chat with Matti ‘the heat pump guy’ Perkkiö from LämpöYkkönen

LämpöYkkönen helps households and companies heat their homes, offices and warehouses. They provide state of the art heating and AC equipment and also take care of the installation.

Challenge and solution

LämpöYkkönen has been doing a great job in marketing and especially in social media and social selling, yet they were looking for ways to convert that interest into enquiries more effectively.

Selling appliances like this isn’t always easy. People want to get a lot of information and they want to be helped during the process. But as we know, providing 24/7/365 service isn’t cheap nor easy.

“One of the best parts of Leadoo is that it can help us to serve our customers whenever they want to, whether it’s in the evening or during the weekend. And for us this means that we get more leads and sales.”

“We can also have Leadoo-bots take care of the routine questions so it spares time from our sales people as the incoming leads have all the necessary information.”


Results have been phenomenal. According to Perkkiö LämpöYkkönen has been able to generate 500.000 euros worth of new sales with the help of Leadoo.

  • €500,000 worth of new sales with the help of Leadoo in just 4 months

  • Better quality inbound leads as incoming leads have all the necessary information

  • Enhanced customer experience on the website


For LämpöYkkönen the fact that Leadoo offers personal service is really important. Perkkiö also loves that the Leadoo platform is easy to use. 

“Leadoo is really easy to use and I like their service attitude: if I need any help they will always support us. I’ve liked Leadoo from the get-go. I strongly recommend them and advise everyone who is interested in having a chatbot on their website and seek to get more sales to contact Leadoo MT.”

“During the first 4 months we were able to generate half a million euros worth of new sales with the help of Leadoo. In Finland people don’t tend to give too much positive feedback so now definitely is the time!”

Matti Perkkiö, Chief Marketing Officer at LämpöYkkönen

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