InpageBot generated the first enquiry within 6 hours

InpageBot generated the first enquiry within 6 hours

Goodwille InpageBot Generated The First Enquiry Within 6 Hours

Goodwille has seen a dramatic increase in the website enquiries after the InpageBot was placed on their home page.


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Interview with Sonja Sainio, Marketing Executive at Goodwille

Goodwille helps businesses expand from anywhere in the world into the UK and ensure that the new UK establishment or subsidiary is properly administered, managed and monitored. From pre-revenue startups to global retail chains, Goodwille have already helped hundreds of businesses from a variety of different industries.


For over 20 years, Goodwille have supported businesses coming from all over the world whilst also building a broad partner network covering key players in each market. Referrals from long-term partners have become a valuable, if not the main, source for lead generation. However, over the past couple of years, Goodwille has also increasingly focused on SEO, along with utilising other channels to reach their target audience such as social media and newsletters. After successfully improving the organic search position on Google and therefore driving more traffic to their website, Goodwille needed a simple, easy solution for people to get in touch with them. To this end, they decided to engage Leadoo.


The main focus was on the InpageBot which was placed on the home page as well as on other main pages with high traffic. This is the most effective tool for activating and converting website visitors. The conversation has targeted questions which help identify the prospect’s needs and plans for market expansion, and then collect the user’s information (name and email). The possibility to install some of the bots in different languages was very useful for Goodwille, whose multinational team speaks many European languages.

“By capturing key information during the bot conversation, we are able to respond quickly and effectively with relevant information to the prospect’s individual situation.”


Goodwille started the process gradually and first placed the Leadoo Bot on one of the subpages for a couple of months. After being placed on the home page, the bot generated the first enquiry within 6 hours. Although Goodwille now generates leads also through organic search, Leadoo bots offer an effortless way for website visitors to get in touch with the team. As a result, Goodwille has seen a dramatic increase in the website enquiries over the recent months, which contributes to building a strong sales pipeline.

• First enquiry from an InpageBot within 6 hours

• Increase in total website enquiries

COVID-19 impact on business

Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, Goodwille is still seeing a steady flow of foreign businesses expanding to the UK, and therefore the current crisis has not had any major impact on their business. However, it has brought challenges to their clients and prospects, and Leadoo bots have proved to be an easy way for people to ask questions during this time.


“People working at Leadoo are very customer-oriented and thorough in their work. They have always been very quick to respond to our emails and any questions we’ve had. Compared to other platforms we have used in the past, I can say that their proactive approach to customer service stands out. What I’ve seen so far, they are the kind of team that not only deliver on their promises but constantly seek ways to go above and beyond their customers’ expectations.”

“When we receive a lead through Leadoo, we can be confident in the lead being relevant for us, which allows us to direct our focus and resources towards prospects that are already considering market expansion to the UK.”

Sonja Sainio, Marketing Executive at Goodwille

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