Visitor Tracking

Visitor Tracking creates a unique profile and a visual customer journey for each website visitor. Discover users’ interests, click history, visited pages, and online interactions. 0% third-party cookies, 100% GDPR compliant.

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Visitor tracking provides unique data

Collect and utilize unique information unavailable  from other sources.

100% GDPR compliant

Visitor Tracking is built on fresh web tech such as e-tags to provide accurate data without complications.

Visitor tracking is 100% GDPR compliant
Visitor tracking

scale and benchmark interactions

When a visitor is identified, a new profile is automatically created. All data from interactions and bot conversations are recoded in the profile. Every data point allows you to benchmark successful lead generation opportunities, creating a perfect, scaling customer journey. 

customer journey Optimized

Leadoo shows every customer’s and company’s onsite behavior and adds them on a timeline. Follow what pages they visit, the actions they take and where their interests lie. Use the information to make data-informed adjustments and drive conversion.

Drive conversion with Visitor tracking optimization

Track visitor interactions 

Visitor tracking follows the user wherever they go on your site. Pick up data on every touchpoint and see where they land, where they go and what they engage with. 

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Every step they take...

Visitor analytics allows you to see the whole customer journey. How cool is that?

Follow the whole customer journey

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