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Since the early days of Leadoo, we’ve had the goal of making our service understandable to a 5-year-old. And we’ve done a decent job. In some situations, though, the elegant statement of Leadoo helps you make more money doesn’t quite tell the whole story.

Don’t get me wrong, that is what Leadoo does – but there’s more to it. In this post we explain a bit, as we answer some of the most common questions people ask. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please shout at us! Let’s go.


Why, how, what? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

Companies pour resources into polished websites that have on average very few or no conversion points at all. This leads to very low conversion rates, and that is a problem. We realized that we can fix this by creating something that makes content interactive, personalized and easy to engage with. The answer was bots.

We help companies never miss a lead again. Our mission is to make websites convert more. More business leads, more job applicants, more temporarily lost souls, who aren’t sure what they’re looking for in the infinite space of awesomeness that is the internet.

Website visitors deserve better customer experiences (read: better ways to buy, find information, and contact companies online). On the other hand, companies deserve to get the business from customers who are interested in what they offer. It’s a win-win.


Are you a SaaS-company?

Yes, but also more than just that. If you like categorization, Leadoo fits nicely into the marketing technology slot. What makes us different from a traditional SaaS-companies is that our platform consists of the technology and our service. More on this under the following questions. 😉


How is Leadoo different from Drift / Intercom / Giosg / Landbot etc.?

From the very beginning, we’ve been unconditional about providing our customers the latest technology and the best possible human service. This means that we don’t leave anyone alone with the tech. 

By holding the customer’s hand in the beginning, we make sure that they get off to a great start with Leadoo. A planned set of bot optimization sessions throughout the year ensures that the bots keep performing at a high level. We’re serious about achieving 10+ customer satisfaction.


What can we get from Leadoo that no one else provides?

Leadoo is the only pure lead generation platform. While we use conversational bots to make websites convert more leads, Leadoo is much more than just a chatbot. Besides offering the latest in bot technology, we are also the only ones to provide comprehensive analytics about bot performance. And finally, as mentioned in the previous answer, our service is second to none.


How much time does it take to set up Leadoo?

From the time our customer signs the contract, it takes on average 2 weeks to get the bots live. This depends partly on how quickly you are able to move forward. We only need around 2 hours of your active participation to get started. 

First, we’ll have a call with you to get the first impressions of what you expect from the bots. Our team then builds 5-10 bots for the site, after which we’ll call you for the second time to check that we’re ready to start embedding them on the website.


Do your bots support live chat?

Yes. You can run our bots as a hybrid (bot + human) or even as pure live chat. However, our customers usually decide to go with the bot or a hybrid, because they are so effective in saving time and resources from your team. When bots are built by experts, they can handle pretty much everything that a human could.


How much does Leadoo cost?

Because not all customers are from the same mould, we offer different packages for different needs. Please find our pricing plans here.


Can we get a trial with Leadoo?

Frankly, we don’t do trials because we know Leadoo works. Get in touch to have a chat with us.


Does Leadoo integrate with our CRM / marketing automation system / other?

Leadoo integrates easily with anything that has a REST API. Not sure if you have it? Based on our experience with 400+ customers, the integration works in 99% of cases. You can choose to do the integration yourself or let us handle it.


What if the bots don’t work?

Relevant concern! There are a couple of reasons why we may not get the results we were hoping. 1. Not enough traffic on your website – at the moment we can’t fix this. 2. Bots are in the wrong places – this we can and will fix, once we spot poor performance. 3. People drop off in the middle of a conversation – also fixable by looking at bot analytics. We strive to offer our solutions only to customers who we know will benefit from them.


It’s a long read, so I figured you would appreciate a break. Here’s our CMO Santtu standing with a box in front of two elevators:

Santtu standing with a box


Why are bots more powerful than contact forms?

Great question! The problem with contact forms is that they’re a lot of work to fill in. Busy people won’t bother to fill in their information, let alone type a question or a description of their problem to an empty text field. Also, people won’t know when to expect a reply to their message.

Conversational bots activate the website visitor at exactly the right moment. They provide instant interaction and engage people step by step with simple clicks. With each interaction, people become more likely to continue the conversation and ultimately convert.


What’s the difference between a chatbot and InpageBot?

Chatbot is still the most common bot type – the one that pops up usually in the bottom right corner of the browser. Leadoo’s InpageBot is different in that it blends in seamlessly with the website’s content – you can place it anywhere on the site.

Whereas chatbots can sometimes be found intrusive, the InpageBot brings up valuable information when the user needs it. These two also work for different purposes. Chatbots are best used for mapping visitors’ needs and handling automated customer service tasks. InpageBot is the most effective bot for lead generation.


I already have live chat. Why change to a chatbot?

We have found that our customers can save a ton of time by shifting from live chat to a hybrid or a pure bot approach. When bot conversations are built with love and expertise, a bot can handle almost everything a human can. 

By building a bot that can handle the most common inquiries you get through the website, your customer service team can focus on more challenging tasks.


How difficult is it to create and edit bots with the Leadoo platform?

If you got here by yourself, you’ll learn to create and edit bots very quickly.


Are there industries where Leadoo works better / not that well?

Not really, because conversions and leads are equally relevant to any business. We work with customers from pretty much every imaginable field, in both B2B and B2C. Firms from construction to HR and from media to automotive have achieved great results with Leadoo. 

Buyers and buyer journeys are always a bit different, and sometimes it may take more optimization to find what activates and converts website visitors at the right moment. As a rule of thumb, anyone with a website can benefit from Leadoo’s bots.

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