4 reasons why Leadoo is helpful when updating your website

4 reasons why Leadoo is helpful when updating your website

Lauren Pritchard
by Lauren
February 17, 2023

I need to update my website.

The famous words upon almost every marketer’s lips, it seems. The idea of updating your website may evoke some unpleasant feelings – it often seems like a laborious project that requires both time and financial resources. However, websites are one of the most important sales channels for almost all companies, if not the most important. Today’s buyer acts more independently (at arms’ length!), and is less bothered about being  in contact with the seller before making a purchase decision – therefore websites must serve customers in the way they want, and not try to fit a square peg in a round hole, so to say.

Many companies face at least some kind of website updates semi-regularly. This can come from product updates, changes in the market, changes in brand or positioning and more. And, even if the pages themselves offer a lot of information, many other things affect the user experience, such as loading speed, clarity and other user-friendliness. We want answers from websites, and we want them now.

Website renewal is no mean feat. So why on earth would now be a good time to introduce any new services or tools? Doesn’t that just complicate things? 🤔 

Well, we think not – at least not in the case of Leadoo – and we spoke with expert Customer Success Managers to find out four reasons why Leadoo’s tools should be used when updating or renewing your website.

1. Fix all elements of the site at the same time

When we start to work with a client and they’re doing a big website revamp, it’s actually easier for both parties to plan ahead – we can kill two birds with one stone. You already know what your new website will be like, what you’re aiming to do with it, and what kind of conversion tools you might want there. Leadoo can slide seamlessly into this plan.

After the first onboarding meeting, we have a comprehensive understanding of your needs, and we know how to design conversion tools exactly according to the needs of your customer base – our onboarding teams have helped over 1000 companies to improve their conversion rates, and have vast experience in working closely with clients during website renewal to ensure it’s optimised for conversions. Once the new web pages are ready, you will immediately get the perks of efficient, interactive and data-gathering conversion points, rather than having to then do it as a whole extra project afterwards, and retrospectively fit it to your site.

2. Collect data to inform the improvements you make

Ah, wonderful yet horrible data. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide what all the data should be collected and how to properly utilise it, but one thing is certain – you can never have too much information about the stages of the customer’s purchase path and the various touch points they have had on your site. This information is gold for both your marketing and sales teams – and pretty important when considering a redesign of your site. You want it to be as easy as possible for a customer to get the support they need to make a purchase, and this starts with tailoring your site to the needs and wants of your customer base.

It is good to remember that Leadoo’s conversion tools can also be used on slightly unfinished or old pages. Leadoo’s conversion tools collect a lot of information about the stages of website visitors’ purchase paths and what kind of information visitors want to find. Based on this data, planning and implementing new websites can also be a faster process, because it is easier for you to produce content that is of real value to website visitors.

Updating your website (sadly) is not a one-time project, but in fact its optimisation continues over time. The data collected by the conversion tools is crucial for web page conversion optimisation, as the behaviour of the visitors and the conversations they have with the conversion tools give a lot of clues about how the pages can be modified and improved to be even more effective.

3. The benefit of conversion points, identified by experts

With Leadoo’s conversion tools, you can eliminate at least one point from your website redesign – having to create conversion points. 

It’s good to have a wide range of different conversion points on websites, so that every customer, regardless of the stage of the purchase path, can find a conversion point that is just right for them. Forget static forms and simple “request a quote” buttons, after which you ask the customer to fill in everything from their horoscope to their shoe size. Ain’t nobody got time for that. They need lighter conversion points – perhaps additional information that can be read independently, or an expert’s guidance on how to proceed.

Either way, you’ll have the support of our expert team to identify the best places on your site for conversion opportunities using our tools, and where you might add in extra conversion points to capture the soft conversions (i.e. those at an earlier stage in the funnel).

4. Versatile and interactive pages

No more flat, boring websites. Leadoo’s tools are about activating and engaging your visitors, and the way we do that is by making it a personalised, conversational experience. This could be through a simple set of questions to find a suitable service or, for example, calculate a price estimate directly using an interactive calculator. Nowadays, personalisation is expected by customers. We’ve even taken this to a whole new level – with Leadoo Personaliser, for example, you can provide personalised conversations based on a previous touchpoint or piece of information, such as the visitor’s industry, number of visits or other filters you want 🤩

So if you’re wondering if it’s worth using Leadoo if a website update is around the corner – the answer is yes, it’s worth it!

We want to help you accumulate conversions on your existing or new websites. From us, you get conversion tools carefully thought out for your needs, designed by an expert, which bring more interactivity to your website and mean help is available 24/7. Find out more about our tools here, for example, or take a look at the success stories of our happy customers here 💙

If you want to hear more about the suitability of Leadoo for you, chat our assistant below 👇🤖

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