Calendar Integration: Quality Meetings Straight to Your Calendar

Calendar Integration: Quality Meetings Straight to Your Calendar

April 24, 2023

Every contact request made through a website almost always requires communication and coordination to find a suitable meeting time for everyone’s calendar.

That’s why we created the calendar integration feature in Leadoo. This way, a lead coming from a website can conveniently book the most suitable time for themselves from a predefined calendar, keeping the sales process fast-paced throughout!

Use cases for Calendar Integration

Where can this feature be used?

Short answer: anywhere.

Since the answer above doesn’t explain much on its own, we’ve listed some excellent use cases for calendar integration below!

Sales Meetings Directly from Your Website

We all love quality inbound leads, but they’re even better when they appear directly in your calendar!

Using calendar integration allows a person requesting a quote or product demo from your website to book the most suitable time with your expert.

The bot can first ask qualifying questions, then offer the option to book a calendar appointment, and all the salesperson needs to do is be present at the scheduled time.

Customer Service

Everyone wants to serve their customers as personally and quickly as possible.

Leadoo’s tools enable your customers to have an interactive, conversational way to get in touch 24/7 and book meeting times according to predefined rules.

This way, customer service representatives can focus exceptionally well on each encounter and provide the best possible customer experience for each customer, as these frustrating “would this work for you” email chains can be completely eliminated.


Scheduling interview times with multiple candidates is laborious and time-consuming.

It might also be nice to offer potential job seekers the opportunity to take a 15-minute virtual coffee break with their future supervisor, but manually scheduling it? No, thank you.

That’s where calendar integration comes to save the day! You can easily connect the recruiting supervisor’s calendar to Leadoo’s bot and manage the entire application process through this bot.

If you want to learn more about how to use Leadoo in recruitment, check out this post!

Landing Page Conversion Point

Landing pages are a great opportunity to convert a visiting user – provided the landing page is well-designed.

Too often, the landing page is cold and only allows one type of conversion, such as sending a demo request. This way, much potential is wasted.

By adding Leadoo’s calendar integration solution to the landing page, you enable not only lead qualification but also convincing and converting visitors at different stages of their purchase journey into comfortable calendar meetings.

Practical Questions on Your Mind

Do I have to be a Leadoo user to use this feature?

Is there a free version to test?

What calendars can be integrated?

4 reasons why calendar integration is essential for you

Save Time

No more back-and-forth emails and numerous updating calendar invitations. Get meetings directly into your calendar without extra hassle.

Boost Sales Process

By giving prospects the opportunity to book a meeting directly from your calendar, you save time at a crucial point and make working with you as easy as possible.

Better Meeting Quality

When a prospect or existing customer can choose the best time for them, they are typically more committed to attending and are genuinely ready for the meeting. In addition, Leadoo’s solutions enable easy qualification and gathering additional information about the lead at the same time as the calendar booking, so you get a well-qualified and committed lead to your meeting.

Improve Customer Experience

Whether it’s a potential or existing customer, you want to provide them with the best possible experience. This starts by making their lives as easy as possible. Give them the opportunity to contact you when it suits them best and book the most suitable meeting time.

If you’re already a Leadoo customer you can create your own Leadoo Sales Assistant or add calendar bookings to your existing bots by following the videos below.

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