Improve Marketing and Sales Alignment by Focusing on Leads

Improve Marketing and Sales Alignment by Focusing on Leads

May 11, 2020
Level up your marketing game
Let’s set this straight: marketing and sales are meant to be. The relationship is like that between siblings who sometimes get dragged into useless arguments but deep down know that they need each other. Leadoo was built to improve marketing and sales alignment especially in growth companies.


Two sides of a coin

It’s often said that marketing and sales speak different languages. And, equally often, it’s true. Marketing easily gets tangled with MQLs, SQLs, traffic, impressions, conversion rates and engagement. Sales, on the other hand, is fixated on improving activity levels and hit rates, ACV, LTV and closing that deal. 

The good news is that most of the time, misalignment between the two is simply a result of poor communication, a lack of empathy towards people on the other side, or tools that don’t support collaboration. These are all things that can be fixed to improve marketing and sales alignment.

Lead-driven marketing platform says it all

Both teams are right, and the solution for a misalignment issue is simple. Even though marketing and sales get their kicks from different things on a daily basis, the end game is the same: both teams aim to generate revenue.

To make this meant-to-be companionship work, we squeezed our results-oriented philosophy into a marketing platform that drives sales results.  It may sound obvious, but if you think about it, how often are marketing platforms truly and directly supporting sales results?

It’s common for marketers to wash their hands when the campaign is running, and think that it’s up to them now. But there is a difference between visualizing funnels and delivering a high-quality lead to sales on a silver platter. We want to help marketers do the latter. To be sales-driven.

Bonus lesson for marketers

Marketers cannot know the customers without selling to them. Facing real prospects with real questions and pain points teaches things that can never be learned by tweaking graphs in an analytics dashboard. 

Insights from paying customers help marketers understand how they should refine messaging to address the right concerns. It’s critical that marketing and sales understand and communicate product benefits and features in the same way. 

As an extra treat, marketers who get their hands dirty with selling tend to automagically get respect from the sales team. What better way to improve marketing and sales alignment than by building a relationship based on trust.

The recipe for marketing and sales alignment success

Everyone is a marketer and everyone does sales. Regardless of titles and whether we like it or not – that’s how it is. So the only reasonable thing to do is to make decisions and take actions that strengthen the bond between marketing and sales.

Our tip for marketers? Start converting like your job depends on it. As a marketer, you can become loved by sales, but it requires a truly results-oriented attitude and tools that make both teams’ lives easier.

We designed Leadoo to help marketers and salespeople understand each other and join forces for better results. If you want to become a results-oriented marketer, chat with us.

Happy converting!


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