Why is interactive content so good at increasing conversions?

Why is interactive content so good at increasing conversions?

Lauren Pritchard
by Lauren
July 18, 2022

What if we told you that you can use the power of interactive content to boost your conversions and drive user engagement at the same time? Sounds like a win-win situation, right? Interactive content is fast becoming one of the hottest trends in digital marketing because it offers brands many benefits – the first of many being that it enables users to take action immediately instead of just reading or watching content. 

What is interactive content?

By definition, it is quite simply exactly what it sounds like: content that gives people the choice to interact with it in some way. It doesn’t matter if the interaction comes from clicking on an image, swiping through an article, chatting to a bot, or any other method really – as long as there is some kind of interaction involved. This type of dynamic content creates a much more personal experience for users and engages them in something a bit more interesting than the usual flat, static content.

interactive content visualbot leadoo
Bots, such as the one pictured above, make excellent activation and engagement tools to help increase conversions.

The VisualBot pictured above is taken from Leadoo client AlTeams, who use the bot to help engage visitors to help provide insight to their intent.

Why interactive content is so effective for conversion

Interactive content is a hotbed for conversions. Let us explain:

👉 Interactive Content helps build trust

Firstly, an interactive experience creates a stronger connection between visitors and your brand by making the interaction more memorable and personal – meaning that from the outset, users have a positive view of your company and its product. Today’s visitors expect personalisation as standard, and to integrate this with some level of interactivity only helps to build trust in your brand and its products.

👉 Interactive Content activates and engages your visitors

By engaging and activating your visitors with a variety of interactive content, you garner their attention, pique their interest and get them thinking about your product. When a user is given the option to decide how they interact with your content, they’re more likely to form a positive connection with you and your company, making you more memorable and giving that visitor a better experience. People also tend to more easily remember interactive experiences than they do passive ones, especially if that experience is something extraordinary or something they’ve not seen before.

Interactive content can also be an excellent lead generation strategy. This is especially true if you create a level of challenge for your visitors – by offering a quiz, or the opportunity to test themselves or compete against others, you not only engage the reader and improve your rapport with them, but you also – when done right – helpfully get their first party data too. After all, if they really want that branded bandana for their dog, they’ll give you the details to make it possible for you to deliver on your promise. 

Activation and engagement of your visitors is proven to help with increasing conversions, and so by providing interactive content you increase the likelihood of this happening with each visitor, driving them to take action. That could mean signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, or taking any other step towards the conversion goals you set out when creating your site and content. This helps you to feed your sales team’s pipeline with potential leads, as well as a notion of their level of intent based on the type of conversion they complete.

👉 Interactive Content helps you gain an understanding of your visitors – and collect their data

This brings us to possibly the most important reason why interactive content is so effective – assessing customer intent and collecting their data – so you know where they’re at in the buying funnel and make strategic decisions to nurture or prospect them based on the information available to you. You could even create super specific retargeting campaigns that speak to your customers about their problem and how your solution can help. In addition, you can use this information to make your content even more engaging, if you have the tools that allow you to see what works, and what doesn’t.

interactive content heat mapping leadoo


Using Leadoo’s conversational analytics, conversations can be optimised specifically for conversion

How can interactive content be used to increase conversions?

The best way to use interactive content to increase conversions is to make conversions the focus of your marketing efforts. This will ensure anything you create is done so with the intention of qualifying and converting the customer, and interactive content should form a key part of this process.

You can utilise interactive content to increase conversion by:

  1. Increasing the phrasing, and interactivity, of your calls to action
  2. Inviting visitors to take part in polls or quizzes
  3. through making your content more visual. This can be achieved using a VisualBot as shown above, or an Inpagebot, like the one at the bottom of the page. 

Key Takeaway

As you can see, interactive content is a powerful tool that can be used to build trust and rapport with your communities and visitors, improve your understanding of your customers, and increase the number of visitors you convert through your website.

To find out how you can introduce interactive elements and use them to increase conversions, get in touch, or chat to the bot below 👇


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