EXPERIENCES: Deleting Messy Problems with Bots

Otto Antikainen February 18, 2020
In this blog series, we chat with our customers to bring up their voice. What made them choose Leadoo MT? What challenges or targets did they seek to overcome? How did they succeed? Let’s find out!

Talking about experiences with Milla Kulkas, Marketing Manager at Delete

Delete is in the business of eliminating problems. The company provides a comprehensive collection of services from construction to industrial cleaning, demolition and waste management. Delete was one of the pioneers in using Leadoo-bots – their first friendly helpers went live in 2018.


Milla and her team are no beginners with marketing technologies. Their inbound game is strong, and they are used to making agile moves and trying out new solutions for improving the online customer experience.

“Our website must cater to potential customers, whose needs range from quick and simple household maintenance tasks to multi-million projects. This is no small feat, especially because the visitors are not always completely aware of what it is they’re looking for.”


Delete’s approach provides alternative ways for taking the first step towards deleting a problem – big or small. Main focus has been on InpageBots, which integrate seamlessly to website content.

These bots (a bunch of sympathetic hard hat -heads) help users in the exact moment when they are looking for assistance. Delete’s bots are tailored to cover the most pressing questions for each of their services.

Conversations begin with a couple of targeted questions and then proceed to collecting the user’s information. And boom – a lead with valuable qualifying information is generated!

Milla Kulkas photo

“Leadoo integrates seamlessly with our CRM and recruitment software, ensuring a smooth transition from lead to a new customer or team mate.”

Milla Kulkas
Marketing Manager at Delete


The bots have been very effective in guiding especially people with smaller issues closer to the solution.

  • Up to 80 new sales leads per month
  • At best, 50% of leads related to a service come from bot conversations
  • 15% of contact requests come through bots, adding up to thousands per year

Let’s face it – Delete’s website isn’t one where you go hang out for fun on a Friday night. This means that incoming leads come in high quality, too. The bots are directly driving revenue by connecting Delete’s team with people looking for a solution to their problem.


No wonder then, that Milla and her team are satisfied with Leadoo.

“The team at Leadoo MT makes it easy for us as a customer to get results. We can always count on swift and expert service that considers our specific needs. We keep receiving new features and ideas, and their drive inspires us in our own work.”

"The team at Leadoo MT makes it easy for us as a customer to get results. We can always count on swift and expert service that considers our specific needs.”

“It’s great that we can develop the bots based on data. We have for example learned that short conversations work really well. Analyzing the performance has taught us a lot about our customers’ needs and helped us develop our services.”

Finally, we asked Milla who she would recommend Leadoo to:

“I can’t really think of anyone who wouldn’t find it useful. Leadoo makes the website more active and conversational. Bots generate leads 24/7, and they are always there to help the customers out – that’s really valuable.”

Milla Kulkas, Marketing Manager at Delete

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