Boosting real estate sales with chatbots
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Boosting real estate sales with chatbots

Etuove Boosting real estate sales with chatbots 1 real estate sales chatbots Boosting real estate sales with chatbots

Etuovi.com boosts real estate sales by activating sellers with chatbots and delivering the leads directly to partnering real estate agents.


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Etuovi.com is the largest real estate platform in Finland. Thousands of homes, plots and properties are bought and sold via Etuovi.com each year. The website also provides plenty of information and inspiration to home owners.


Starting point

Early 2020, Etuovi.com’s digital marketing and sales specialist Antti Liikkanen had an idea of a completely new service: “What if we could reach people planning to sell their home directly in the homes for sale listing, and forward their information straight to chosen realtors?”

Antti envisioned that a chatbot could well be the right tool to test the plan, but at that time Etuovi.com didn’t have the resources to build a solution on their own. The next natural option was to contact Leadoo Marketing Technologies.

Our team immediately got excited about Antti’s idea, and after refining the concept we started working on the implementation together. The goal was to build a service that would help Etuovi.com deliver as many qualified leads (home sellers) to partnering realtors as possible.


The first version of a lead-generating bot was added to the site swiftly. The initially tested ChatBot didn’t bring huge results, so we decided to switch to the InpageBot. This bot type could be embedded directly within the homes listing, which made starting the conversation much more natural and improved especially the mobile user experience.

After this change, conversations started flowing and the benefits of chatbots really began to show.

  • Chatbot conversations give Etuovi.com certainty that a person is planning to sell their home
  • The bots collect all necessary information from home sellers in one smooth and user friendly interaction
  • Collected leads are delivered automatically to the desired place (f.i. email or CRM) – in this case to Etuovi.com’s realtor partners


“Home sales are about big decisions and include a lot of regulation, so we need to collect several bits of information from the lead. At the same time, the conversation needs to remain simple and clear for the user. 

With chatbots we’re able to record up to 15 data points within one conversation – I doubt that many people would have the patience to fill out a contact form asking for the same things.”


The service of forwarding leads to realtors hadn’t been tried before. Results from Etuovi.com’s chatbots have proved the trial successful, and as a result, the concept is constantly expanded to new geographical areas.

  • Nearly 2000 qualified home seller leads delivered in one year
  • Considerable turnover for Etuovi.com from delivered leads each month
  • On average 3% conversion rate from chatbot conversation to qualified lead

The service is greatly beneficial to the partnering real estate agents as well. They pay Etuovi.com only for quality leads, which gives a solid return on the investment. Each successful sales assignment brings thousands of euros to the realtor.


“Great service and particularly the InpageBot make Leadoo stand out from the mass of chatbot providers. Our cooperation runs smoothly, and we keep getting lots of valuable insights to building bot conversations and to increasing conversions.”

“Besides the direct results, another stat says a lot about the success of this collaboration: from 27 realtors who partnered with us, only 2 have dropped out. This means that we’re really able to boost home sales by bringing assignments to the partners.”

“Leadoo is packed with great features, and the team is always eager to hear our feedback and ideas. Our specific needs have been considered in the development of the platform, which is very valuable. We plan to keep scaling up the use of Leadoo to cover home sales across the country.”

– Antti Liikkanen