How are Leadoo Bots different from other chatbots?

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How are Leadoo Bots different from other chatbots?

January 5, 2023

The first important differentiator of Leadoo Bots is that they are designed by a human. AI technology is useful and an important tool but a human can still spot the difference. You have deep knowledge of your industry as well as your customer’s needs and interests. It’s important that you show them this expertise and our customer success agents are there to help design the perfect bots for your business. 

The second important aspect is that our Leadoo bots are context and content-sensitive. This means that the chatbot is embedded in a specific page or piece of content, and can replace your call to action or landing page to start a conversation with a client about what they are reading. This way, the trigger for the client is highly relevant and comes at the right moment.

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