How do Leadoo’s activity alerts work?

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How do Leadoo’s activity alerts work?

March 10, 2021

Leadoo’s automated activity alerts make sure that your bots keep triggering correctly. 

Leadoo monitors the triggers of bots automatically. Once per day, the system checks if the 7-day average number of triggers deviates from the 28-day average.

The compared observation periods are set to 7 and 28 days in order to avoid getting activity alerts for normal fluctuation in traffic & triggers. In other words, for example weekends and other campaign-based spikes in the trigger count are effectively filtered out.

If the number of triggers deviates by a certain percentage from the 28-day average, Leadoo automatically creates a task for your Customer Success Manager. 

The task reports the percentage of deviation in trigger count compared to the 7-day averages from the past month. Based on the activity alert, your CSM will take action to contact you or (if possible) apply necessary fixes directly to normalize triggers.

Thanks to Leadoo’s activity alerts, you do not need to monitor changes in bot triggers. Leadoo’s activity alerts guarantee that deviations in your bot performance (triggers) are noticed quickly, and latest within 28 days.

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