How to add agents to Live Chat

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How to add agents to Live Chat

January 2, 2020

To start using Leadoo Live Chat, you want to first add your agents as team members.

Live chat add member live chat agents How to add agents to Live Chat

To add live chat agents, click the “Team” button.

adding live chat agents to Leadoo

Then select “Invite member”.

inviting members to Leadoo

You want to add the email addresses of each new live chat agent separately.

add email address of live chat agent

Then select “Agent” from the dropdown list. This means that that person will only be able to access Live Chat in your account, and no other areas.

select the ive chat agent role for new Leadoo user

You also want to make sure that you select Live Chat category that the agents should have access to. Once you’ve done this, you can send invitation. That person will then receive a notification in their email account to activate. Then they’ll be able to start using Live Chat as an agent.

select live chat category access for new Leadoo user

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