Setting up Lead notifications

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Setting up Lead notifications

February 16, 2021

Once you’ve built your Leadoo bot, you’re going to want to decide who will receive notifications when you get leads through conversations with the bot.

Setting up Lead notifications lead notification Setting up Lead notifications

To add lead notifications to your bot, first go to “Editor”.

set up lead notifications by opening the bot editor

Navigate to the “Notifiers”. When you click on the dropdown, you’ll see all the people who’ve been added as your team members that you can select from.

select who should receive lead notifications from the bot

You can add one person or multiple people to receive lead notifications. To add more people, just click the “plus” button and select more people from the drop-down.

you can set up multiple users to receive lead notifications

Leads can have different labels, and here you can also decide which labels each person receives. So if you want to send only certain lead notifications to certain people – you can do so here. 

control lead notifications with labels

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