What is reverse IP lookup?

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What is reverse IP lookup?

January 28, 2020

In short, reverse IP lookup, is what happens when a user visits your site from a business IP address. Leadoo then identifies the company name, revenue, size, industry and more firmographic information that enriches your user database (i.e. Leadoo’s Smart Customer profiles).

Technically the following is what happens: First, your customer’s web browser calls your website’s server and asks for a page. Next, the server can look up the owner of the IP address either by using public registers or private IP address databases. Because the IP will be registered to a business, it also means you can see which companies have visited your site. So even if the individual user keeps their identity withheld, you know what and how many times a company has visited your site.

If you’d like a fuller understanding of how it works and how we use it, then you can read about it in more detail from our blog.

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