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With Leadoo’s Recruitment Bot, you can attract more candidates and a higher level of talent. Create a modern candidate experience and save time, money and energy by automating the recruitment process.

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For companies

Manage your candidate pipeline easily in the highly visual Leadoo platform. Communicate values, the brand and company tone-of-voice.

The bot takes care of the most inconvenient task of all: says “no, thanks” to a lot of talented people.

Visitor identification identifies companies and people

For candidates

As well as giving applicants a fast appraisal – whenever and wherever they are – the Recruitment Bot can lead the applicants to the vacancies most suitable for them. 

A recruiter who never sleeps

It doesn’t matter whether you’re recruiting scarce talent in IT or warehouse workers for Logistics: candidates want a slick recruitment process. Filling in exhausting job forms takes hours! And who has a CV ready if they spot an interesting vacancy?

Attract skilful candidates and make the applications candidate-friendly. Automate the process and remove unqualified applications. Qualify every candidate with Leadoo’s Recruitment Bot, and find the best applicants.

2447953 chatbots for recruitment Leadoo for Recruitment

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