Convert More Qualified Applicants

We can convert you more qualified applicants which helps you in finding the right talent for your job openings

Generate Instant Chatbot Job Interviews

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to interview every single person interested in your company? With Leadoo you can!

Manage The Recruitment Process

With Leadoo you can manage the whole recruitment process easily and efficiently
Engage passive candidates
to apply
The number one reason why good candidates don’t apply for a job is the fact that the recruitment process means a lot of work for the candidate. You are able to lower the barrier of sending an application by creating a preliminary job interview with a bot that asks relevant questions and in return tells the candidate whether he or she should apply.
It eases the work on the recruiters side aswell as it takes away the candidates that aren’t a fit for the job and on the other side it gives encouragement for the applicant when he or she passes the bots interview. A great way to activate good applicants to apply!
Try an interactive job interview yourself
Leadoo is more than a chatbot

Leadoo is like a recruitment platform that makes it easier for you to handle the whole recruitment process all the way from attracting the best possible talent to handling the whole recruitment process

It's a family of products

Online chatbot job interviews, Culture Code tests and employer branding tests can all be easily generated with Leadoo without prior technical development experience

It's everything you need to handle your recruitments

Leadoo is a platform with which you are able to handle everything related to your recruiting and employer branding activities

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We provide you with personal service to help you take full advantage of Leadoo. Our people have years of experience in recruitment, marketing and technology and that knowledge is at your disposal
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Our success is a result of teamwork and building upon our technical expertise and creative style providing a full-service solution to our clients.