600% ROI with Improved Inbound Lead Generation Approach
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600% ROI with Improved Inbound Lead Generation Approach

600% ROI with Improved Inbound Lead Generation Approach

IROResearch boosted their inbound lead generation game and achieved 600% ROI for Leadoo during the first year.


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Managing Director Vesa Väisänen from IROResearch shares his thoughts

IROResearch does market research to help firms navigate the ever-changing business environment. Consumers’ opinions are valuable and they keep evolving – the team at IROResearch works to discover these changes and understand why they occur. In a world filled with data, they strive to find the right questions and conclusions.


When IRO chose to try Leadoo in early 2019, their website was mostly a brochure online. Because the service answers predominantly to identified customer needs, an outbound approach to generating leads was never an effective option. 

However, the website wasn’t made to collect leads, either. Vesa and his team had thought that there wasn’t enough relevant traffic on the site, but with a closer look, they found that a steady number of business buyers visited the site every month. After the realization, the choice to try Leadoo was a matter of simple math.


IRO is known for an impeccable service, and this was also the leading thought when implementing bots on the website.

“Our bots are built to proactively serve people from the moment they are considering one of our services. We want to make the process as easy as possible for them – our service begins even before they become a customer.”

The bots play a big role on the website, right from the first view to specific service pages. They address the visitors’ needs directly, and when a person converts into a lead, the team is quick on their feet to get in touch.


The bots added a missing piece to IRO’s inbound sales game and have brought results beyond expectations.

“During the first year, the ROI for our investment in Leadoo was around 600%. And it’s not just about the direct revenues – we’ve been able to open valuable new client relationships that will keep returning in the future.”

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“I was happy to notice that getting started with Leadoo wasn’t a huge IT-project. The setup was super smooth and it took nearly no time to learn how to use the Leadoo platform myself.”

“Leadoo has exceeded our expectations and I’m very happy with the results. We’re able to serve our customers better and get great business results as a side product. The product is great for practically any business looking for more inbound sales from the website.”

“As an advocate for high quality service, I really appreciate how the Leadoo team handles things. When we have an issue or question, they take care of it within hours. I can trust that when I need something, they will be there to help ASAP.”

Vesa Väisänen, Managing Director at IROResearch

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