Double the leads and relief for staff: Recreation Hotel Yyteri
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Double the leads and relief for staff: Recreation Hotel Yyteri

Double the leads and relief for staff: Recreation Hotel Yyteri

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This time, we interviewed Joonas Saarinen, Marketing Manager at Recreation Hotel Yyteri

 We interviewed Joonas Saarinen, Marketing Manager, who told us about how they saw double the leads at the Recreation Hotel Yyteri and how the implementation of the Leadoo solutions immediately reduced the workload for the staff, producing an impressive success story.

The beautiful Recreation Hotel Yyteri offers a huge range of outdoor activities (in true Finnish holidaying style), including padel, horse riding and golf, as well as boasting three restaurants, a gym and a luxurious spa. Recreation Hotel Yyteri aims to be the most attractive nature tourism destination in Satakunta, a region in the south west of Finland.

Square one?

The Recreation Hotel Yyteri sought a solution for both sales and customer service, as their goal was to increase the efficiency and speed of their operations in general. In addition, they hoped that the customer would be able to find the information more easily, so that he would not always have to call in to speak to someone for every small query, interrupting the work of the hotel sales team (reception). The solution was sought holistically to help both customers and staff.

It had been decided to use Leadoo’s tools even before Joonas joined the company. Joonas, and the other key decision makers at the Recreation Hotel Yyteri had made a lot of comparisons and heard a lot of good things about Leadoo, so the company decided to give the conversion platform a chance.


According to Joonas, Leadoo’s tools have helped a huge amount; various conversion bots were placed on the hotel side as well as on the spa and restaurant side. New technology solutions often raise a lot of questions, and Joonas admits that the staff were a little skeptical about bot solutions at first. In just a few months, however, the bots were gathering positive feedback, as they took a lot of the pressure off the staff and allowed them to focus on more important things, according to Jonas; “When we first met Leadoo with the team, I thought we’d just get some standard chatbot at the bottom of the page. However, we started building a lot of different bots that were targeted to specific products and that allow the message to be targeted precisely and in context to each topic or piece of content.”


The results have been staggering: Recreation Hotel Yyteri has had double the leads, in addition to which the number of table reservations in the newest restaurant has grown significantly, which has also been the desired result. Joonas also explains how Leadoo’s tools have helped to compile a good database of potential clients that can be used and utilised, for example, in a retargeting campaign via the email marketing system at Recreation Hotel Yyteri.

Recreation Hotel Yyteri has used Leadoo’s tools, for example, to allow customers to reserve meeting rooms and rent sauna facilities, to speed up the process and free up their receptionists to focus on other tasks. Joonas explained that he is very happy that the Leadoo bots have allowed sales and reception to focus on other work tasks when most of the time isn’t spent answering questions about opening hours, for example. Joonas also says the sales team has taken to Leadoo’s tools really well, and that the team was thrilled to realise that the bots have already gathered all the necessary information about each customer in advance, saving them a lot of time.

Double the leads


Joonas praises Leadoo especially for customer service: Recreation Hotel Yyteri had to make big changes on a fast schedule, but Leadoo’s team has been proactively helping and making changes, and looking for exciting ways to use the tools to make the hotel employees’ lives easier and engage potential customers. In addition, Joonas praises the easy cooperation and lovely – and fun! – staff in every way.

Joonas himself did not attend the deployment training, but the staff found the deployment easy. Joonas in particular emphasises the ease of the Leadoo platform: according to him, the Leadoo platform itself is easy to use, and you will find everything you need there, but the deployment training and expert support gives you the courage to use the platform independently.

Joonas has been really happy with everything that can be built with Leadoo tools and together with the team. According to him, it has been great that Leadoo offers more than just a chat service: “Leadoo was absolutely surprised at the wide range of different and easy-to-build bot options available. It is not just a chat service, but the bots can be made really visual and just unique. ”

In addition, Joonas praises the support of the experts and states that with the support of the team, the bots will definitely match perfectly with the customers’ wants and needs.

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