More Leads With BannerBots

More Leads With BannerBots


Auto-Kilta wanted to convert leads directly from banner ads. So they chose BannerBots which enabled them to collect leads throughout the internet.




This time we sat down with Janne Hulkkonen from Auto-Kilta

Auto-Kilta is a company that sells new and used cars and offers repair services. They focus on excellent customer service, experience, and reliability. Auto-Kilta sells and represents car brands like Volvo, Ford, Dacia and Renault at their South East location in Finland.


Auto-Kilta has invested heavily in digital advertising and leads the pack in their industry. Converting leads from websites and banner ads is always a question between how easy the conversion process should be and how to maintain the quality of the leads.

“In digital advertising you always need to experiment with new things. We wanted to test out BannerBots to see whether we could get more leads without the quality dropping.”

Janne Hulkkonen, Marketing Manager, Auto-Kilta


With BannerBots Auto-Kilta was able to collect leads directly from the banner ads by targeting them to the relevant target audience online.

“We wanted to reach people at different stages of the buyers journey and outside of our own website. With BannerBots we were able to serve potential customers with one ad and there was no need for a landing page ”


Auto-Kilta are really happy with the results and they have used BannerBots in several campaigns.

  • Significant increase in the number of leads
  • Lead quality hasn’t dropped
  • The cost per lead has dropped 50% compared to what it was before

“We have captured a lot of quality leads through BannerBots.”

“The price per lead in these BannerBot campaigns is 50% lower than what it was before yet the quality is still the same. It clearly indicates that we have found a new tool that helps us execute better online advertising.”


Janne Hulkkonen is super happy with the help they’ve got from team Leadoo MT:

“We are really satisfied with Leadoo and the help we’ve got from the team. We have created BannerBot campaigns ourselves and also received help whenever we needed it.”