Spreading Solar Power with Leadoo Bots
Rasol aurinkoenergia

Spreading Solar Power with Leadoo Bots

Spreading Solar Power with Leadoo Bots

Rasol uses Leadoo to convert more leads by helping website visitors contact the business in a natural way with conversational bots.


Solar energy



Rasol provides cost-efficient solar energy systems, installation and electric vehicle charging points around Finland. The company is on a mission to increase the use of clean energy sources for a healthier planet.


Rasol wanted to collect more inquiries from the website, so they took Leadoo into use for the purpose of helping customers connect with the business more easily. Tomi and the team anticipated that a smoother path from website visitor to lead would help them convert more business from existing website traffic.


The solution on Rasol’s website is centered around the InpageBot – in fact, several of them – placed in the most potential conversion points with different trigger types and slight variations in the conversation flow.

The strength with InpageBot is that the conversational angle can be adjusted to match other content on a given page. Rasol takes advantage of this for example with a bot that gives visitors an estimated calculation of the perfect solar energy system for their needs.


Leadoo Bots complement the traditional contact forms on the website, adding options to potential customers who want to send a request. Especially the front page and solar panel test bot have been successful in generating leads.

  • Bots generate leads on top of the ones that come from contact form

  • On average, bots generate 1,5 new leads every day

  • Conversation-to-lead rate of up to 25%

  • Noticeable increase in realized sales and number of leads


“I’m satisfied with how things have gone with Leadoo. I can always get help and support from the team when I need it. I would recommend Leadoo to firms that have a decent amount of traffic on the website but aren’t getting as many leads as they hope for.”

Tomi Roukala, Sales Manager at Rasol

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