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On a mission to increase sales by creating meaningful engagement.

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OUR philosophy

Sparking moments that convert

Our marketing team had a long thought about what to say here. They came up with something we couldn’t publish, so we’re saying this instead:

We’re a mix of curious marketers, lovable geeks, and super sidekicks. Our common nominators are an endless stash of will-do attitude and heartwarming kindness.

Results first

Leadoo shares its mentality with the people who built it. Results drive our actions, and we don’t give up before achieving them.

Sidekick spirit

We have our customers’ backs just as we have each others’. No such thing as too good service. We help others be the superhero.

Own it

We balance freedom and responsibility to make everyone in the team own their work. This is how true commitment is born.

Explore it

Experimentation is second nature to us. Got a fresh idea about how to improve our work? Try it out. There is no progress without trial.

High five

Every achievement matters. We stay humble but celebrate each success together. Building a team where everyone feels valued.

The story of Leadoo Marketing Technologies

Sit back and relax as CEO Mikael da Costa tells the rocket-fueled story of Leadoo Marketing Technologies.

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