All about our Customer Success process

All about our Customer Success process

Lauren Pritchard
by Lauren
September 28, 2021

How we look after our customers once they’re on board with Leadoo 💙

One of the best parts (we think!) of our whole product offering is the after-sale service provided by our Customer Success team. We’re not one of those companies who gets you to sign on the dotted line and then runs for the hills. Not our guys. They’re here to help our customers meet their conversion goals, forever

This is all laid out in a neat process – once our customers have completed Onboarding (which you can read all about here), they are assigned their very own Customer Success Manager (CSM). The CSM is responsible for their account, working alongside the in-house team to make changes in order to optimise. This can look different from meeting to meeting – from tweaking bots to making suggestions based on analytics, to ideation of new bots and conversation paths based on business goals.

Meet Abbie, Customer Success guru and bot building extraordinaire 🤖

Abbie Baisden is one of our Senior Customer Success Managers here at Leadoo. She’s been working with us for almost two years, and has helped hundreds of clients meet their optimisation goals. I sat down with her to hear all about what her part to play in the process is and how that looks from a customer perspective.

How does the process start?

“When the first bots get published by Helen, I receive a handy notification about who the client is, along with a brief.” explains Abbie. “I’ll then be in touch with the client and book in their first meeting. It’s also a great opportunity for me to initially introduce myself as I will be working closely with them going forward to get the most out of their Leadoo solutions.”

What happens in the first meeting?

“During the first meeting, after I’ve introduced myself and gotten to know the client team, we then start by looking at their Leadoo dashboard. This is so I can make sure we are all happy with what we’re measuring, how that impacts on conversions and so on.” says Abbie. “Sometimes we’ll have a member of the sales or marketing team who have been in touch with the client in the meetings with us, to make the transition over to me that little bit smoother for the client” she continues. “On the client team, it’s usually the person who bought the platform and then the person or team who will be using it.”

“I also make sure to get feedback from the client about how they have found the processes moving from one person to another, such as from Helen to myself. Next, I go through their solutions, making sure that we’ve really understood their goals, and we check their bot placement and their conversation paths. Of course this is also an opportunity for us to pick up if something is not working as well as we’d like, and this is where we can make tweaks to the bots to improve results in particular areas.” explains Abbie. “I then provide them with some feedback on lead quality, as well as look at whether there are any other ways they’d like their leads qualified.”

It helps provide the client with concrete outcomes – they will understand how many leads have come through the bots, how many triggers they’ve got, understand what we’re going to do next, and understand what kind of changes need to be made and why. Then we come to a decision together on what we are going to measure. What would success look like to them in two months time?

Throughout the meeting Abbie will keep notes and share these with the client. This is so that everyone has a written record of what was agreed and what needs to be delivered on the client-side as well as on Leadoo’s end. This is also a perfect opportunity for the client to ask any follow-up questions before they set dates for the next few check-up meetings.  

What happens at the second check-up?

“By the second check-up, the bots we’ve put in place should easily be operating at optimum level. The next thing is that we then want to look at the client’s upcoming plans – are you doing any marketing promotions or launching new products? There are normally lots of things that might be happening on the website where we could put something in place to help you. It’s also an opportunity to check whether you are using your Leadoo platform to the absolute best it can be and for you to test different approaches.” Abbie explains.

“We can also have a look at the analytics and use the information there to help us tweak any bot conversations that may need minor changes. It’s always an ongoing process of improvement.  That said, within three months we can already see how things are working and can utilise our expertise to optimise your solutions and maximise your conversions.” she continues.

“The thing I’m probably most proud of is that it’s never a copy-paste job with Leadoo. We pride ourselves on our handcrafted, bespoke dialogues, created for each client for their specific context. That’s because, even though we have clients from the same industry, their customer needs often vary somewhat, and we want to target them really precisely every single time.” Abbie smiles.

“Again, during this meeting, we’ll provide the client with concrete outcomes – look at what is performing well, and make a plan for the next things we’re going to test. We agree on the next set of targets and how we’re going to be measuring those. We’ll also look at their overall business objectives for the next 3 months, which will help us also to analyse the numbers in the correct way.”

This is a much more collaborative way of working – and that’s exactly how we see our ongoing relationship with our customers. It’s a team effort, and you’ve picked the best team to be on. 

“One really nice thing about the second check up is that clients are more likely to proactively be in touch with us at this point in the process. They’re more comfortable, they’ve seen some improvements, they’ve got some ideas and they’re ready to make a big impact.” Abbie concludes.

What happens after that?

Our CSMs stay in touch with you, and look to meet with you around every three months as a minimum. “The relationship forms into something that fits the clients’ needs. By the sixth month, clients are usually very engaged with the platform and are excited to do some top-up training on specific parts of Leadoo.” says Abbie. “Our amazing product team are also always releasing updates to the platform, and so we need to make sure that clients are aware of any changes and where different features have moved to, as well as any new features they could make use of.”

Much of Leadoo’s development happens as a direct result of client feedback or ideas during check up meetings. We love to create unique use cases and try out different approaches for our customers. It keeps things fun 🚀

How much do customers usually use the platform?

“Like I say, it very much depends on the client team, and how much they want to get involved in the platform.  Some clients might not even log in between the meetings, and some clients log in every single day and create bots, analyse the data and more self-sufficiently. These clients use our experts for more complex queries and use cases, which is always fun to do.” explains Abbie. Both customer types are frequently in touch with Abbie, for a range of different reasons. Analytics is an important thing to understand – how to read them and navigate that part of the platform. 

The relationship we build with our clients is super important because sometimes you will find an opportunity for us to help with something during the ‘chit chat’ rather than the more formal questions we ask. When clients are comfortable with you it’s easier to get genuine feedback and have a productive discussion. Also, they’re all really nice so that makes my job quite easy in a way!” Abbie finishes, as she ducks out of our meeting to go and meet with another happy customer.

Feedback from clients

We’ve had some pretty awesome feedback from our lovely band of clients. You can read some great examples in our case studies section

We know you’re busy, so just in case that’s a bit TLDR for you right now, we grabbed some snippets so you can get the gist, in short form 👇

🚀  “The best thing about Leadoo is the customer success team and their check-ins.”

🚀  “Too often you buy a tool that you are left to use alone and you can’t and it will not reap results.”

🚀  “Leadoo’s service is the best we’ve ever dealt with.”

Key Takeaway: Abbie’s 3 Top Tips for making the most of your CSM meetings

1. Prepare for the meetings.

Know the quality of leads coming through and give us honest feedback on your experience so far. Even if you think it’s bad, we need to know what needs sorting so that we can get right on it and keep improving your results.

2. Be open to guidance

Our relationship with clients is always a partnership. But, our experts are just that – experts – and so we ask that you come with an open mind towards trying things out. There’s usually a method in the madness.

3. Ask questions – they might just spark a brilliant idea 💡

As the old saying goes, there’s no such thing as a stupid question. To make the most of the platform, you need to understand it, and we’re always here to help you do that.

The whole process in a nutshell:

✔️ Onboarding Manager passes client to CSM
✔️ Initial meeting with CSM to outline goals and create a perfect strategy
✔️ Regular check-ins (every 3 months) to optimise solutions continuously
✔️ Written follow-ups with concrete objectives and outcomes
✔️ Our experts are always on hand for queries or questions

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