All about our onboarding process!

All about our onboarding process!

June 14, 2021

“What sets Leadoo apart from other marketing technology companies and solutions?” This is a question that arises regularly in sales talk. It’s a fair question, definitely.

The short answer is people.

The longer answer dives more into our Customer Success processes and especially customer onboarding. The whole onboarding process has been created to be so efficiently streamlined, it usually requires just a few hours of our client’s time, and then the Leadoo solutions can already be live on your website, bringing in the results.

Our experts make sure that the time-to-value is as fast as it can be – and you don’t have to learn to be a bot-building pro overnight yourself.

helen onboarding process All about our onboarding process!

Turnkey solutions for the win

I sat down with Helen McCabe Azoia, our Onboarding Manager in the UK and asked her to shine some light on our customer onboarding process.

“When you sign the contract, we will contact you to set up a kickoff meeting to get everything going forward. I’ll be accompanied by our sales person with whom you’ve signed the deal, so we can make sure together that all the necessary information is being transferred”, Helen explains.

When booking the kickoff meeting via email, Helen also sends over a link to a pre-meeting bot.

“The point of this bot is to get some key information from the customer already before the kickoff meeting. This ensures that we’ll also be focusing on the very key things”, Helen smiles.

helenbot onboarding process All about our onboarding process!

Who should attend the meeting from the client’s side?

“We’ve noticed that it’s very useful that the person being most hands-on with the platform or the one who needs to understand the platform the most should definitely be there. Also it is beneficial to have the person who can say how the solutions should look and what tonality should be used – usually it is a marketing decision maker.”

Essentially, it boils down to the goals that our customer wants to achieve with Leadoo. Sometimes it might be beneficial to have a sales director to be in the meeting to explain how the sales process works or a customer service lead to explain their pain points . 

“The meeting is all about our customer and their goals and needs. It’s our time together to assess their targets, what we’re measuring success against, how the company is organized internally, and so on. All of the things that can affect Leadoo’s solutions”, Helen adds.

In the kickoff meeting, Helen also agrees to the timeline for the onboarding process, usually between 2 and 4 weeks. They also put the next meeting into the calendar, where Helen and our customer review the solutions that have been built. If any integrations are needed, a separate meeting for this is also reserved right after the bots are built.

After this meeting it’s time to move on to the bot building. 

Time to review and train

Once the Leadoo solutions have been built, our customer gets notified.

“This happens of course before the set review meeting, so our customer has time to go through the solutions on their own. This is important, since sometimes it spurs some feedback and we’re able to do the needed changes already before the review meeting”, Helen opens up this phase.

The review meeting is 60-90 minutes long. In most cases it can be done in one hour, but sometimes the extra 30 minutes makes all the difference! In this meeting Helen and our customer go through the Leadoo solutions that have been built for them.

This meeting also plays an important role when it comes to platform training. Basic training is done during this meeting. “Even though the platform is easy to use, it’s more than important to provide our customers with training – especially in the early stages of the customer journey!”, Helen notes.

Because there are a lot of things that one can do with the Leadoo platform, the end goal of the first training is to fully understand the very basics: how to navigate the platform, how to edit bots, where to find analytics and how to read the insights.

The meeting includes also the next steps to happen; embedding bots to the website, integrations (if not done yet) and what to expect when moving on from the onboarding process.

Time to go live – and move on?

We include bot embedding within our onboarding service, meaning we’ll make sure your Leadoo solutions are embedded and working correctly on your website.

“Sometimes customers work with a digital agency that does the embedding for them, or customers just want to do it themselves. In these cases we provide them with the bot scripts and detailed instructions where to place the bots and why”, explains Helen.

Does the help end here?

“No, of course not! Once the Leadoo solutions are live, we introduce the customer to our Customer Success Manager Abbie, who will take care of the client from that point on”, Helen laughs.

The onboarding process might end here, but our Leadoo MT professionals are there every step of the way, throughout the whole customer lifecycle.

“After the onboarding process ends and bots have been made live, our customer has the next meeting after a month. This meeting is with Abbie. She then sets up regular check-up meetings with the customer to ensure that all Leadoo solutions are performing at their best at all times”, Helen gives a short overview of the Customer Success process.

Helen’s 3 tips for the best onboarding experience

Even though we take pride taking care of everything for our customers, there’s no denying that customer also can impact their onboarding experience a lot.

Here are Helen’s three top tips, how you can ensure the best possible onboarding experience from your end!

  1. Decide what success looks like for you and how we can measure/track it?
  2. Have a timeline in mind that we can both work to so we can get you live asap!
  3. Complete your pre-kickoff questions and familiarize yourself with our bots so we can focus on the most important stuff in the meeting.

Helen worked previously as a Marketing Manager in Hospitality. She found the role through a Facebook ad and as they say the rest is history! Helen joined the Leadoo MT team in May 2020. 

“I often say this is the role I never knew I needed – it’s a perfect fit for my techy skills and marketing background whilst having the chance to delight customers daily. I love it and I’m here to stay!” Helen summarizes – and rushes off to another customer task.

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