Get quality meetings with Calendar Integration

Get quality meetings with Calendar Integration

January 18, 2022

Every contact request you receive from your website still needs to be contacted and scheduled to a calendar, and it slows down the sales process. We built a Calendar Booking feature to tackle this issue as it makes it possible for the visitor to instantly book meetings instead of just leaving a contact request. Convenient for both parties!

You can convert contact requests into calendar bookings with the help of Leadoo’s new Calendar Integration feature. 

Use cases for Calendar Integration

Where to use this feature? Literally, anywhere. Though we know that’s quite a vast example, we wrote down a few remarkably good use cases for this feature!

  • Direct sales meetings through website
    We all love a good quality inbound lead, but it’s even better when it appears directly on your calendar. This is possible with Calendar Integration. Adding Calendar Integration to your Leadoo allows your website visitors to book a suitable time for meeting, and while discussing with the bot they also provide a lot of qualifying information. Your salespeople can just waltz into the meeting and bedazzle your prospect with their preparedness!
  • Customer service
    If you want to provide a top-notch customer experience, you probably want to serve your customers as personally and as swiftly as you can.
    By using Leadoo tools on your website you’re able to provide your customers with an interactive, personal way of being in touch 24/7 and giving them the opportunity to book a suitable time to have a meeting with you.
  • Recruitment
    Juggling interview times with multiple candidates is challenging, to put it nicely. And maybe it would be nice to provide your prospective candidates with an opportunity to book a 15-minute coffee and chat -call with their future team lead, but no one has the time to ping-pong the time suggestions back and forth a million times, now do they?
    This is exactly where the Calendar Integration comes in handy. You can add the hiring manager’s calendar (or anyone’s who is involved in the process) to your Leadoo bot and handle the whole application process there! And if you’re unsure how to use Leadoo for your recruitment purposes, you can check it here.

  • Landing page conversion point
    Landing pages are a brilliant way of really engaging your potential customers – if the engagement part has been done well. Very often there is a landing page which doesn’t allow a nice, conversational way of converting – or it lacks the option to ask for more information. To put this simply: often landing pages are built for just hard conversions of one specific type and if the person landing on the page isn’t at that point in their buyer’s journey, boohoo. A missed opportunity. But, adding Leadoo solutions to your landing page helps with this, since you’re able to address multiple different types of page visitors. Add Calendar Integration to the mix and you can convert the hottest visitors to good quality meetings right then and there!

Quick FAQs

Do I need to be a Leadoo user to have this feature?

Yes, you need to be a Leadoo user. 

If you are a current Leadoo user, contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager to get the feature.

If you’re not a Leadoo user yet, book a suitable time through the bot below!

Do you have a free version of this?

You can get the fullest experience with being a Leadoo platform user and utilising the calendar integration with all the other tools.

If you feel like you’d want to give go to a lighter version of this, you can check out our Leadoo Sales Assistant. 

Which calendars can be integrated?

Google Calendar and Outlook/Office365 calendars.

4 reasons why Calendar Integration is awesome

  • Save time and forget the back-and-forth mess of scheduling a meeting
    Synchronise your calendar and you are down with easier and quicker scheduling. You will get meetings straight to the calendar and save time on the scheduling. Meetings just keep appearing on your calendar!
  • Make your sales process more efficient
    Booking a meeting straight to the calendar will make your sales process more efficient. And it’s also super convenient for the prospect too: they can book a time that fits their schedule and they know when they will get your undivided attention.
  • More and better quality sales meetings
    With Calendar Booking you let prospects schedule meetings when it’s most convenient for them. People who get to decide the date and time themselves are also more committed to that meeting and more likely to buy compared to people who just leave their contact details.
  • Better customer experience
    Whether it’s a new prospect or a dear existing customer, you want to give them the best possible experience with you. It starts with making their life as easy as possible. Let them interact with a bot whenever it suits them the best, answer their questions automatically, book a meeting and gather the information to make the meeting as valuable for them as possible.

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