CEO Mikael da Costa interview with Startups of London

CEO Mikael da Costa interview with Startups of London

July 30, 2020

Leadoo CEO, Mikael da Costa, speaks with Startups of London

The series of video clips below are taken from the interview between Mikael da Costa, CEO of Leadoo Marketing Technologies, and Ozan Dagdeviren, Founder of Startups of London. 

The value of Leadoo explained


  • Leadoo’s value proposition
  • How the concept of Leadoo was born
  • How Leadoo combines outbound and inbound to achieve better results

The secrets of Leadoo’s bot design


  • How the exchange of information happens behind the scenes 
  • Do the chatbots use ML, AI, or human intervention  
  • How Leadoo Analytics supports the lead optimisation

The growth of Leadoo


  • How the company is structured
  • Where the company operates
  • How Leadoo is financing its growth

The vision guiding the future of Leadoo


  • Mikael da Costa’s views on entrepreneurship
  • What type of leadership driving Leadoo forward

The culture of Leadoo


  • How the company is motivating its employees
  • What mindset and attitudes are needed to achieve high growth

Did you find the interviews with Mikael da Costa interesting? Are you ready to let the lead-driven platform accelerate you to success?

The full interview link can be found here:
This is a Niche with Opportunities: Lead Automation – Leadoo’s Story [Ep. 17]

About Startups of London

Startups of London is “here to tell the stories of London based startups. We want to help their growth by giving them more visibility in the eyes of investors, users, talents, mentors, consultants and entrepreneurs. 

Each episode of Startups of London, is dedicated to telling the story of a single startup through a combination of video, audio and written media.”

You can find a link to their website here:
Startups of London

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