Life as a Leadooer: Michael O’Reilly, Senior Account Executive.

Life as a Leadooer: Michael O’Reilly, Senior Account Executive.

August 11, 2023

I caught up with Michael, our Senior Account Executive for our UK Team, to hear how it has been working at Leadoo. Michael joined Leadoo as an SDR in September 2021, he later on moved to work in an Account Executive role.

Let’s get into it!

So who is Michael? 💙

Michael is one of our AEs who works remotely from his home in Salobrena close to Granada. Although he works  remotely from there, he visits our lovely Malaga office a couple of times in a month. 

‘I’m a high flying Irishman who loves to sell to big business and really get into some Netflix at night.’

How does a normal day as an AE look for Michael?

‘The work day starts at 9.30 and usually starts with a team meeting. Besides that, Michael has different demo meetings booked with potential clients, which usually is with some senior leaders. Before the demo meetings it is crucial that he takes some to prepare for the meeting. Besides demo meetings, he also has introduction meetings with potential businesses. At the end of the day, he usually spends time on admin work such as writing e-mails and preparing slides.

How was the recruitment process?

‘Yeah, I started in September 2021 and I was recruited before the summer so we’re in June 2021, really interesting interview process. So I got to meet Teemu. Kevin pretty much told Teemu that I was gonna take his job one day, but I ultimately started in an SDR role and I told Kevin and Teemu that I really wanted to apply for the Account Exeuctive role straightaway. But the business required an SDR, so I stepped in and did that for 3 months, started off as a junior, again, and executive after. Now I am in an account executive role’.

So how is it being part of the team?

‘Yeah, the team I work in is really, really good. They’re super hungry, which I really feel. I use it as motivation for myself, so it starts with our, obviously,, the country lead is extremely hungry. I would say ravenous. We’re really focused on hitting our goals together. It’s competitive, but it’s very positively competitive. In the sense that, you know, it’s constructive, that would be the right word. It’s constructive competition, where we all want to see each other win, and we all want to hit our targets and we celebrate each other’s wins, which is really fundamental to our culture and business.’

Any closing words about working for Leadoo?

‘Leadoo isn’t a very hierarchical company, which makes it very easy to get along, everyone feels like your equal even if they are in a much higher role than you. Again the communication element helps with that hugely, so it is super nice to feel that everyone is on the same playing field as you. And generally speaking Leadoo hires people who have a certain kind of energy and good vibes, and I definitely feel like I belong!’

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