How to increase Website Conversions without increasing the traffic?

How to increase Website Conversions without increasing the traffic?

Lauren Pritchard
by Lauren
October 27, 2021

Only 2% of people in the world have green eyes. And that’s the same number of people, on average, who convert on your website. Is that where you thought you’d be in the digital age of 2021 – doing digital marketing acrobatics to increase traffic to your site in a desperate bid to increase conversions?

We have been through something quite special as a workforce generation in the last twenty years. In the early stages of the dot com boom, we all suddenly wanted to have an online presence in the form of a website as well as a pair of those horrendous super-low-rider jeans. Good times.

And then later on, in the early noughties, we saw the invention of those really delightful banner ads to gain the attention of our customers. At the time, they were difficult to buy (you needed a sales person or intermediary most of the time to get hold of them) and they became expensive for what they were – and the minute impact they really had. 

By the time the ‘10s rolled around, social media was everywhere and Google and Facebook began selling their space – and reasonably cheaply, too. Fast forward to the ‘20s and here we are, spending $455bn on digital ad spending, according to E Marketer’s Worldwide Digital Ad Spending 2021 report. Needless to say, a decent level of traffic is important, but there are ways to cut the cost whilst seeing better results from your website. The way to do that is by focusing on improving your conversion rate.

But why bother at all? Let us tell you why you should focus on conversion, and how this will be a much more cost-effective option than focusing purely on driving more and more traffic to your site.

Did you know online advertising costs have increased threefold in just ten years? 💸

It’s no wonder that everyone feels that they’re investing heavily in paid advertising, but not really seeing much impact on sales as a result of their efforts. Traffic volume could be huge, but the number of MQLs and SQLs coming through is minimal. And that’s because, as well as becoming exponentially more expensive, the advertising space has become so crowded that it’s extremely difficult to stand out from the noise. That’s right – your team spent hours slaving over the copy and the imagery, and you’ve parted with thousands in company cash – yet only 2% of all visitors are converting once they land on your site. It’s a sad story.

Whilst paid advertising is somewhat of a necessary evil for most of us, there *are* other ways to increase the number of quality leads gained through your website (and therefore increase your sales). Changing to a conversion focus is one of the ways this can be done, and means you don’t need to keep flushing your company credit card down the metaphorical advertising toilet.

Conversions are leads – let’s treat them this way

And we’re not talking about the kind you put on your dog. No sir-ee, we’re talking about the hottest leads to make your sales teams salivate. Focusing on conversions means you’re focusing on ensuring you’re always in the right place, at the right time for the right prospect. And those lovely prospects who have found their way to your site are there for a reason. It’s our job to help you find out. Looking at who they are, using a tool such as Leadoo’s Conversion Insights, can help sales and marketing teams to identify who is visiting the site, as well as providing a full profile of industry and business information.

You can also use one of the tools in our handy Conversion Kit, such as one of the chatbot solutions, to engage your visitors, chat to them, and qualify them. Paired with our Conversion Insights, our Conversion Kit is the key to unlocking your conversion potential – without breaking the bank or relying on huge amounts of traffic. 

Time is money ⏱️

Save your teams time by focusing on those at the right stage of the funnel to buy. Sales teams can go on a selling frenzy, but only if they have the right information to hand. Knowing exactly which stage of the funnel a prospect is sitting in can determine how heavy-handed your teams’ approach is, as well as giving them a better understanding on what to offer. Using Leadoo’s Conversion Kit, you can be present at every stage of the funnel, ready to provide the right information through answering FAQs, automatically calculating quotes, connecting to a live chat agent, and much more.

Ok, so how do I go about increasing my conversion rate?

Throughout those three reasons, I gave you some different tools which can be used to up your conversions – even if the traffic volume on your site doesn’t increase. After all, 90% of traffic on your site is most likely bouncing. They bounce because they don’t find what they are looking for and you don’t activate them in engaging with your website.

We can fix all of that. Don’t believe us? You can test our platform, free of charge for one month. No credit card or coding skills required.

But what does Leadoo actually consist of? Well, our Conversion Kit has all the necessary conversion tools to increase your website conversions by +30-70%. The Conversion Insights shows you what works, what doesn’t and where you should improve. You can also reach out to our Conversion Experts who help you to get started and  are there by your side to continually optimise your performance.

Convinced yet? Get started for free now 👉

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