Leadoo Visitor Tracking Explained

Leadoo Visitor Tracking Explained

July 27, 2020

Visitor Tracking infographic leadoo visitor tracking Leadoo Visitor Tracking Explained

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What it is… 

Identifying visitors with IP address tracking  

Whenever someone visits your website, Leadoo identifies the IP address of the user through public registers or private databases. Those IP’s are linked to the company the visitor works for. In order to track the visitor, Leadoo also assigns the user an etag so that all of that visitor’s previous interactions and behaviour are recorded in Smart Profiles

How we use it… 

Below is a dashboard view of how all the data we gather is presented on a visual timeline, making it easy to access and to understand all the data points and client information.

Tracking the buyer journey 

Stage 1 – A visitor enters your website and their IP address is identified and connected with their company

Stage 2 – The visitor is allocated their own Smart Profile 

Stage 3 – Records of page history and interactions with bots are recorded in the profile 

Stage 4 – Either with InpageBots or BannerBot retargeting, you engage and obtain details of the visitor

Stage 5 – They become a sales qualified lead and all the behaviour data in the Smart Profile helps them convert 

Leadoo Smart Profiles is a sophisticated new feature of the Leadoo platform. 

With Smart Profiles, leads are fed to your Leadoo platform or directly into your CRM or marketing automation system. Get 30-70% more identified leads with Leadoo and know exactly which companies they represent. Finally, you’ll also be able to send your retargeting ads to specific groups automatically.

Getting started
Simply set up the Leadoo tracking codes on your website, integrate them with your GDPR popup for compliance and add bots to strategic places to help you understand your customers’ needs. Leadoo Customer Success agents are there to help with bot dialogue design so that you start collecting valuable data immediately.

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