Why VisualBots are the Contact Forms of the Future

Why VisualBots are the Contact Forms of the Future

March 11, 2021

We are in labour. In labour of an upgraded bot baby to the family. Meet the VisualBot 2.0!

5 reasons to get excited about VisualBots

If you’re still using traditional contact forms to collect your leads, stop now – and think again. Here are 5 reasons why replacing contact forms with VisualBots makes more sense than you think.

1. No more static, boring forms

Don’t bore your visitors with lengthy contact forms that take the joy out of their day. Static forms can easily be reformatted into fun visual screens consisting of interactive elements that help the user to send their interest within seconds without breaking a sweat.


 2. One size doesn’t fit all – VisualBots minds the context

A major con of using forms as the main way to be in touch with your company is that their content of the form is often exactly the same for every visitor. Companies, private consumers, job applicants, media and what not end up having to fill out the exact same form, offering little to no relevancy to them – let alone to you when you handle the leads. 

VisualBot allows you to display only the questions that are relevant to each different visitor type, at every step of the way.
visualbot side by side style contact form Why VisualBots are the Contact Forms of the Future

3. Filter leads to correct people – automatically

Let’s face it: who likes manually forwarding leads to the correct people? Yep, indeed. 

VisualBots can do the job for you, and even send out way more detailed background information of the lead to your salespeople to make their life easier from the very first contact. 

4. Chance for added sales after the form submission

Don’t settle for getting the form submission. If the visitor has already taken the effort to be in touch, the chances are they are open for more, if you just dare to ask. 

With VisualBots, you have the chance to continue discussion when the initial form submission is done. Try e.g. asking interest for added services (added sales are waiting for you!).

visualbot businesscard style contact form Why VisualBots are the Contact Forms of the Future

5. VisualBots + Visitor Tracking = Match made in heaven 👼

Imagine if you knew not only that you got a form submission, but also what the visitor did right before deciding to reach out? Replace forms with VisualBots and combine them with Leadoo’s Smart User Profiles and – tada! There you have it. Detailed profile telling you the indicated interests of your prospect as well as the journey they had before conversion. This should put you ahead of the game in no time! 

How to join the party 

At the writing moment, Gen 1 VisualBots are already out in the world making hundreds of our clients happy. 

In the meantime, our tech team works hard to prepare for the launch the Gen 2 with upgraded functionality:

    • Responsive mobile-first design
    • New layouts and themes, such as Modern, Minimalistic & Gradient
    • Wide selection of new stylistics settings
    • A new set of range and scale selectors, e.g. NPS scales, budget ranges, Likert scales, star ratings etc.
    • Attachment uploads
    • Header & Footer bar for things like progress bar, back and forth buttons, logos and custom text.
    • Integrated calendar bookings
    • Interactive calculators

..and more.
responsive businesscard contact form Why VisualBots are the Contact Forms of the Future

Shut up and take my money?

Gen 2 VisualBots will be launched out to the public in the upcoming months. If you’re interested in the feature, contact your Customer Success Manager to find out more on how to get started. 

If you’re new to Leadoo, check out our pricing or click below to get a demo.

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