Partnership announcement: Leadoo and MEOM

Partnership announcement: Leadoo and MEOM

Lauren Pritchard
by Lauren
November 23, 2021

Building value together (and adding an important piece of the puzzle) with MEOM – announcing our new partnership 💙

MEOM are a Finnish marketing and web design company that creates bespoke websites, and offers diverse online marketing and design services for companies in a range of industries. They focus on delivering the best possible experience not only to their clients, but also to their clients’ customers.

MEOM set up in 2012, and are among the first official Leadoo partners. They had been aware of what Leadoo is and what it can offer to companies through shared clients. And, when the Leadoo Partner Program was released they were quick to jump on board.

“We knew how the product can help companies and we had also seen the numbers. When this partnership program was launched we wanted to join it immediately. We have broad knowledge about online website performance and know that the tools provided by Leadoo are something that many companies need for activating and converting their website visitors. So in a way one could state that Leadoo offers a really important piece of the puzzle when talking about conversion rate optimisation on websites.” explains Kimmo Louhelainen, Head of Web Services at MEOM.

Kimmo Louhelainen quote

Leadoo and MEOM have teamed up and invested heavily in the partnership we’ve built together. Several co-marketing activities have already taken place and there are plenty more to come.

“They encouraged us to immediately host a webinar around website trends and joined in as speakers. We got over 180 registrations and 23 hot leads from that webinar which was amazing (read full case study here). Now we are attending their webinars as speakers and we’ve already talked about content sharing as the next thing to look at.” 

It’s nice when things just *work*, and that’s what it’s been like working alongside MEOM.

“I’ve got to say that partnering up with MEOM has been great. We are on the same wavelength with them and it’s just really awesome to do these things together.” says Santtu Kottila, CMO at Leadoo Marketing Technologies (and the person orchestrating the Leadoo Partnership Program).

One thing that both parties also highlight as a real benefit for all involved is the joint learning aspect of the partnership.

“MEOM are really talented in what they do. Their knowledge on, for example, website design, is something really valuable for us. On the other hand, our expertise in conversion optimisation is something I know they appreciate a lot. We’re planning to organise educational sessions to share knowledge across both businesses in the future.” Kottila enlightens.

Santtu Kottila quote

“Our success as an agency is reliant on the expertise of our people and that is something we cherish. Therefore, I’m really interested about the upcoming Leadoo Academy through which we can train our people on conversion rate optimisation and all that good stuff that our friends at Leadoo are experts in.” Louhelainen states.

There is also dedicated support available for agency partners, as every agency partner gets dedicated platform specialists to help with using Leadoo, and also an account manager whose responsibility is to provide the MEOM team with inspiring new use cases and the latest platform updates.

“The support provided by their personnel has been outstanding. Quick replies, inspiring examples and solid support in all manners.” Louhelainen ends.

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